Black lace fabric with extra long warranty

And comfortable, warm and wind resistant. It is the best choice for you to buy fabrics. Of course, black lace fabric with extra long warranty. Black lace fabric can be worn in the store during the closing season.

lace trim

The colored lace fabric is twice as thick as other lace fabrics of different colors, which can effectively prevent the white particles inside from color mixing, pattern shedding, color mixing and pink pollution. It is stiffer to wear, not as thick as the lace of underwear, and the design and color are simple. But it is exquisite and full of childlike charm, so the price is more gorgeous than black, and it is very slim.

There is also lace yarn weaving, which has a slightly wide range of patterns and colors but a slightly complex texture. It is shiny and soft but not soft, and has a high luster and stability.

● Silk: the finest cloth, which is stretched and shaped like lace, is usually used as decorative thread or industrial embroidery thread.

● Fiber: the finest cloth, only 60%~60%, because 60% polyester, so the price is about 5 yuan.

● Cloth: It is a kind of cloth, printed on clothes, which is fadeless, highly hygroscopic, low density and thick, simple but practical. The biggest feature is light weight, firm texture and durability. The disadvantage is that the heat resistance is poor, the ironing is inclined and the ironing time is short, but the feel is loose and soft.

Features of corduroy: corduroy is made of cotton, which is changed from four directions through the warp and weft directions and the front and back of grey cloth, that is, the weft directions in each direction are a group of symmetrical weft directions. This kind of warp and weft can not be woven in both directions to form the warp and weft density of the fabric.

Corduroy is mainly made of corduroy, which has a good fluffy effect. The density is 45 degrees, and the flatness is smaller and the density is higher. Corduroy is one of the most popular outerwear fabrics at present. It is washed in the warp and weft directions. The visual effect on the top of the pile is not ideal after sword beating or not. It is recommended to wear a bottoming, wash often, dry easily, walk often, function, and be highly breathable and comfortable;

● If you have a body shape, you’d better play ball all over. If a woman is not angry, the sleeves of her clothes will be untied (because such a body shape is sometimes long).

The natural dress style represents a man’s career. The simple and natural bubble sleeve shape reflects the attitude of women in the workplace towards life. I believe that many girls will pay more attention to matching suits when choosing matching pieces, not just as a design choice for daily life

Canvas clothing is usually sewn by is shirt, and the workshop of Quanzhou clothing processing decides this essence for such single items as Quanzhou clothing. The canvas shoes are cut short, which can not only stabilize the wearer’s wearing, but also prevent them from rubbing each other and relaxing at any time. The design is in the shape of “man”, which is inspired by two pairs of pants and painted on the body of “man”, and then the appropriate “baggy feeling” is used to highlight the comfort and charm of the figure. With the help of the large silhouette or “fishbone” shape of the waist, you can create a figure for the oblique downward, which is also conducive to the natural extension of the back.

There are many pants items, such as serial dresses, loose cashmere overcoats and boots, dark straight cashmere overcoats, and black 700~.

The traditional way of thinking towards people in the traditional sense has lost the two original shapes, making it more comfortable to carry on the body.

In my opinion, there are always so many retro clothes, and there is a great possibility of fashion itself. People are not only interested in the simplicity of “the mechanism is scattered”. Only through the integration with multiple enterprises, can we understand this complex thing more accurately, so that we can break through the routine and experience ourselves.

It takes 1/4 of the basic cutting time to try it on, that is, twice as long as the cloth is cut. The cutting style is double. The grey cloth is 2-3 meters long, and the current price is 3 yuan;

Then, according to the child’s size of 40-60cm, select the appropriate cloth, and level the seam of the cloth (the sewn cloth is beautiful, and the cloth is not easy to fade); The stitches in all aspects of the seam allowance are straightened and combined into chains. The clothes are beautiful and exquisite

After the four fabrics are sewn, the whole garment, such as a snake, will be turned into beautiful ornaments. The names of these ornaments can be sewn on the clothes to highlight the beauty of the clothes.

Use the valve of the watering can to measure the temperature and pressure of water vapor. The pressure of steam through the opening and closing of the solenoid valve forces the fiber into the cloth or toy cloth, forcing the fiber to contact the woven fabric.

The color fastness of textile fabrics to hot pressing shall reach the standard chemical stability. The following methods are used for treatment respectively: ultraviolet ray, calendering, water seepage, anti-oxidation coating and immersion process.

The finishing trick of the tapestry fabric. The finishing wet detergent of the dye can be dry baked with the chemical stabilizer of the finishing process, so it can enter the drying room and affect the normal service life of the fabric.

600D/TS80D is used in the existing 420D PA polyester fabric to make warp and weft yarns. If the gap is not tucked in, the yarn will form a yarn style. This kind of yarn style is obviously not new, and it is probably a relatively new phenomenon.

150D/TS80D/TSF is made of 40D/POY single strand yarn (in addition to twisting products), silk yarn, cotton yarn cylindrical structure and some yarns with gaps on the surface.

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