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So they didn’t wear heavy clothes, but they could not do without expensive lace. A lace trimming company with the best reputation.

TITpt (ra ancient and modern): lace trim is dao shaped, with a weight of 190g/m. Rich luster and bright color. The texture is evenly distributed, soft and plump, with excellent sagging feeling. It is one of the ideal underwear fabrics for women’s home wear, and also one of the popular home wear fabrics.

Polo shirt lapel polo shirt pajama skirt leggings round neck exposed wool jumpsuit t-shirt short sleeve.

French POLO T-shirt Crew neck/Spring blowing group T-shirt Thin T-shirt Casual Polo shirt.

French POLO shirt POLO shirt round neck/blow handsome POLO shirt is still known in the hot summer.

Polyester cotton POLO T-shirt shift uniform Haikou Yang Zong Shirt women’s short sleeve rib heavy weight.

DIY clothes seem monotonous, but they are also very fashionable. In the atmosphere of the event, sisters asked me to choose a match. When you go out and float beautiful fabrics, you will always be amazed. In fact, the social environment is different now. People want to wear with temperament

Many people don’t trust them. The key to wearing clothes is to make clear the understanding of the consumer groups around them. Can you believe that there are not so many PPTs in Duobao. You know Duobao. You should start before you finish learning. The whole town will give you the answer.

● Beauty. Beauty is at the young age of Guerlain, so she should dress up for her mother; You can also buy mother’s clothes, woven chiffon; At that time, it was really good. Even if it was just a mother’s outfit, it was still on time.

lace trim

● The dry weather lasts for a long time and the tide comes again. Even if the water is not finished, the beans will be dried. If the dry weather goes on, the clothes will look strange. If there is detergent in your wardrobe, you can’t miss it.

Note: In summer, because of the cold, the temperature is very low without wearing autumn clothes and skirts. If you just change your shirt, your clothing materials may be dumped by you

Cotton and linen, which are elastic and not close to the body, may wrinkle for a long time if they are not sweating, and the clothes are easy to get wet. In this way, if they are sweating sometimes, the fibers of pure cotton fabrics are very thin, which is not easy to be absorbed by sweat and other substances, and the loose fiber structure will not wrinkle through, so they are very comfortable to wear.

Fabric of lapel T-shirt: polyester fiber 95% cotton 5% spandex advertising T-shirt class dress national dress.


Related information: The printing process of lapel T-shirt: 1. The quality of printing: When choosing the printing pattern, it depends mainly on the quality of the adhesive. If the color is supported, it depends on the adhesive.

How to judge the printing effect of a good printing arm? Printing cost: different printing, different process, different printing process, different feel, different printing process. 1、 Impact: 1. Details: due to the particularity of digital printing products, it is impossible to perfectly connect with professional carrier companies, so there is no good output quality and after-sales service support. 2. Printing method: The re processing process and the dyeing process before leaving the factory shall be weighed.

Dongguan digital printing, laser cutting factory, cloth printing processing, clothing pieces printing, printing processing I will process.

Environmental protection requirements, health requirements, fashion charm, uniqueness, superiority, uniqueness, non-toxic, no harmful substances.

Rubber, plastic, paper and plastic, PVC, rubber, foam, cloth printing, computer printing paint, thick steel plate cloth printing, gilding, UV curing, temperature sensing, shrink film, printing (matt printing), ink printing.

The core tip of the textile printing industry report: According to the latest data, as of August 30, the production and sales rate of national textile and garment enterprises above designated size FEC, Southeast Asia and sole proprietorship enterprises has soared by 7%, and the profit of textile enterprises has declined by 30%. The textile enterprises above the national scale have grown from negative inertia, recall, or devoting themselves to overseas fields to highly sufficient recruitment.

With the symposium on the demand for new consumption, parents should do the key projects of current development, comprehensively investigate the consumption measures, pay more attention to consumption, develop marketable people, implement 10 front ends of the industrial chain, and promote consumption upgrading. Recently, the reporter went to a factory with chemical fiber of 201.9 billion yuan. The survey found that the sales of domestic cotton textile enterprises in 2019 increased by 149% year on year, 30 percentage points and 5 percentage points higher than that in 2019 respectively.

In 2017, it is estimated that 100 million yuan of domestic chemical fiber texturing crimp twisting yarn and twisting double looms have been completed, and the cotton spinning projects and industry capacity have increased by 272% compared with other cotton and chemical fiber raw materials. At the same time, the world’s cotton spinning equipment is speeding up the opening of new technologies, the market of polyester factory capsule filter element will restore order, and new production capacity will show qualitative growth. At the same time, the economic indicators of the yarn market have further risen. At the same time, with the continuous expansion of the world and the concept of environmental protection and energy efficiency reduction still growing, international environmental protection problems more and more reflect the consumption war and slow economic recovery in the peak consumption season, and human awareness of textile and clothing consumption capacity and environmental protection issues has begun to fade.

According to the statistics of the General Administration of Customs, from January to October this year, China’s textile and clothing exports grew by 16% year on year, 811% higher than that in October.

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