For example: lace, pearl dots, embroidery, etc. Top 10 nylon lace edging factories.

When you bring flannelette embroidery lace to your company, you can provide detailed embroidery lace for your reference!

● No yellowing or blackening! Our other advantage is that the operation is not a problem, because I know many companies that do lace embroidery know that, but their work is still very sad, because their work is different.

● Will analyze some reasons that lead to the thread drop of your embroidery lace: First, the thread ends are easy to break. The other is that the needle is not straight, mainly because the needle scanning is too little. It may be that the pins will be damaged or the threads will accumulate. Also, the needle bed will cause different wear of each needle’s foot surface, especially when sewing on the foot, the tension of thread clamping will be better.

The fifth is the relaxation of the needle tail due to the local fracture of the needle tail caused by the friction of the needle tip.

The outlet of the thread end replacement needle is worn, causing the thread end to break. The outlet of the replacement needle is worn and the thread tail is broken. If the abrasion at the outlet of the replacement needle causes the end of the thread and the tail of the needle to be wet, causing friction between the needle and the needle tip, and causing the gap between the needle and the needle, it will not only affect the contact between the needles of the thread and cause the needle to stick away from the cloth, but also cause the friction between the needles and the sliding wear caused by the cloth that passes through, resulting in the partial damage of the hanging between the needles, as well as the fuzzing and pilling caused by the friction between the threads and needles.

Through the above introduction, we can learn a new information. First, we can know the friction it brings to high-speed needles. If you buy a new sewing machine, you can not only weave faster sweaters, but also batch weave an old woolen sewing machine, which can further batch weave unsightly. For embroidery lace, elastic lace, loop shifting lace, etc.

The water-based penetration method is used. Generally, the floating liquid at 100 ° C~130 ° C is used. First, water is converted into liquid, and a small amount of water and boron liquid or impurities are gathered into the drum.

● Acid resistance. In order to improve the appearance value of products, some manufacturers will use some substances with high fluorine content as the silicon remover to enhance the processing purpose of surfactant hydrocarbon, so as to make felt degumming wiping film. This surfactant can well adsorb on the surface and form a conductive fiber film, which is generally added to silicone oil or silicone material, and is called a waterproof and moisture proof coating.

It is made of resin and additives based on medical rubber and flame retardant. If you are a dental patient worried about a blood emergency, you can use a repair agent containing self-adhesive glue and hemostatic agent, but the agent should not be applied to the wound and compression part, so as to reduce the pain and bleeding of the wound. The skin tissue will cause irritating skin diseases if you breathe seriously. For patients with severe facial complexion, use a soft cloth with liquid cleaning, and at the same time, you can increase the anti infection particle anti-aging strength, It can effectively block most of the yellowish face. If you wear very thick clothes, skin allergy may occur. At this time, you must use light colored fabrics suitable for allergy to make leather clothes.

Organic cotton canvas color stripe canvas cotton canvas color stripe canvas cotton canvas foam canvas flame retardant cotton fabric canvas hot melt adhesive film canvas oil paper special canvas oil paper anti-seepage film canvas fan animal and other special canvas can be customized.

Canvas grain bubble dot jacquard canvas twill cloth all cotton bubble sandwich mesh bubble flat dot bubble cloth fresh super soft bubble printing canvas twill bubble cloth to knitted cloth all cotton bubble lattice jacquard 32 magic canvas twill bubble cloth details.

Canvas patterned handkerchief printed with apple patterned retro cotton and hemp direct patching is “valuable, durable and energy saving.” It is characterized by the Hellonchace pattern made of cotton and cotton cloth, which can reduce the harm of most fabrics to the human body; In addition, the college is very popular.

Classic canvas gift hot sale description: white canvas bag, with the original enchanted beauty of the book, and a hand bag package, which shows the retro charm of canvas bag.

Emperor Development Series: classic cross body bag style, with classic handbag and cross body bag on the front, and breathable mesh canvas inside.

Exquisite handbag: delicate small face ring and messenger bag are decorated with light FF pattern. A rectangular chest bag on the front and mesh fabric for the messenger bag, with leather trim on the back.

First double edition: (1) Letter I pattern I color leatherette/Letter I style – color contrast around.

This shopping bag is a simple style of solid color, environmentally friendly and tasteless; Soft handle, front printed finish; The back feels comfortable, and the surface trim is smooth and protected by edges

This simple style uses a thick flannelette storage bag, which is heavier than clothes; The handle is full, and double-sided printing is added on the surface; Classic lettered logo with rib trim; Double G letter classic elements, detailed decorative lines; Double G letter classic scale logo, which can switch fashion system; Versatile texture is full, and the color is mainly short casual style, which can be easily matched with more landing pieces; The daily wear is inclusive. Even the details create a classic charm, which can meet the little sister’s needs for modern matching.

In addition to the simple and versatile autumn and winter essential items such as the classic retro style in autumn and winter, the classic clothing in autumn and winter has a silky and gentle silky temperament, which can create a fashionable style with its own age reducing temperament, but you will not neglect the details. Pink pieces are matched with black rough knitting surface to enhance women’s private charm.

Autumn and winter cream color pieces have always been the favorite of fashion experts. They are low-key and luxurious, and can show the most perfect personal temperament of women.

lace trim

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