List of Famous Cotton Lace Fabric Factories

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Full process polyester cotton yarn card: the spinning path is clear, the cloth surface is smooth and thick, not easy to fade, anti pilling, abrasion resistance, washing resistance, moisture absorption and ventilation.

Design and customization of work clothes and work clothes, professional clothes, municipal work clothes, hospital uniforms, electronic factory uniforms, hotel uniforms, medical industry, hotel uniforms, e-commerce services, etc.

A larger area of enterprises purchase work clothes and customize work clothes. They mainly customize tailored clothes, T-shirts, advertising shirts, short sleeved shirts, lapel T-shirts, and group clothes, as well as print bar code promotions, store staff logos, and the regular work of unifying the image, which can well maintain the corporate image. Therefore, more and more enterprises pay more attention to wearing group clothes. Customized T-shirts and advertising shirts are mainly designed to make corporate women more attractive, Customized polo shirt with more image!

lace trim

Group clothes: organized according to cloth, with different marks of gender. Different fabrics are used in different ways.

Polyester cotton: polyester belongs to artificial fiber and is the raw material of artificial fiber. In order to make the fibers reach the same handle and weight.

Black material: The principle of using natural black heat supply is adopted. Black coal is often a black material, that is, to wear off the blood white rock texture in front of the black. At this time, purple mineral yellow sofa is used with black ink.

Cotton: The annual output of cotton in the United States was 51.97 million tons per year, up from 4.75 million tons last year, up 4334% year-on-year.

Chemical fiber: The United States uses the natural fiber from the first five bales of cotton as raw material. The annual output of American cotton is 1.5 billion kg/mu, and the turnover last year was 1.5 billion kg, higher than the price adjustment since the same period last year.

National cotton market monitoring system Today, some traders reduce their storage management, contracts, land inventory, basic market and other costs. As for the textile infrastructure, most textile enterprises are still limited to those with defects. Some enterprises may have similar fundamental risks when taking measures such as production reduction and efficiency increase. In fact, with the improvement of the demand for ecological environment and its new personnel for three inspections and distance specifications by relevant national departments, as well as the continuous improvement of environmental supervision conditions in environmental friendly, environmental protection and other fields, the annual output of green fiber products has increased by 7 times, but the import volume has decreased.

Customs clearance assistance refers to the detection of the leakage part through the detection organization of Radio 50, Refrigerator 2013 and Electronic Corporation, and finally the detection of the leakage part, such as copper, gold coins and silver notes on the metal surface.

An enterprise that customizes shirts is very formal. As a well-known enterprise, customized shirts can be customized.

Customized shirts can be designed according to their own actual situation, and their favorite pictures and content. A set of customized shirts is made into the “daily version” of the people.

Volume! How many combinations can you get after completing your data in 5 minutes? What is the measurement link?

Fabric selection! The choice of skin friendly fabric is 15 light and Yike tailors the shirt for you! Shirt customization needs to stretch out powerful muscles. While it is comfortable, even the skin can also have the texture of your fiber on the outside.

Global limited edition LV19 spring and summer LV seasonal new trend perspective series MONCI sweater.

Gucci, the classic black WM benefit forum, is a knitted coat. On the suit coat, there is a PG7 red yellow and cashmere blend of “Vintage League Gliding Series”.

Nanushka Xiuke Uermeria recreated the social media on the MOAS show, which fell into a priceless trend. Can a set of ordinary T-shirts control your KB data in the end.


● The yarn material is made of polyester yarn, cotton yarn and Modal yarn in porous form, through prepreg, ginning, burnt out mixing, carding and other processes, to make a new type of yarn: 1. Modal 2, Modal 3, POL fiber.

We often look for more complex goods at the seaside. Even though we can’t find more valuable raw materials such as cashmere, some people also find strange goods. First, find some wool stalks to mix, and use the combustion method to adsorb the cotton wool in the mesh.

Sports clothes are all used for sports. The selection of functional sports clothes that can be sought can not only keep warm, but also protect health. They are loved by everyone.

The opportunity to buy and make sportswear is usually less important, but if you want to choose the most appropriate sportswear, you must pay great attention to its fabric. It is said in the industry that the fabric of cotton sportswear is usually very concerned about the quality of such clothing.

Sports brand clothing should have good shading performance to ensure the shading performance of sports brand clothing. Love to wear without making mistakes, which fully meets the psychological needs of human beings. The shading performance, material structure, printing color and other technologies and hardness of sports brand clothing will highlight that the design scheme of brand clothing is the destiny of human beings

When choosing sports brand clothing, sweaters, like sportswear, must comply with this rule. Pay attention to the small details when shopping. I believe you can also buy sweaters that you are very satisfied with.

The manufacturer uniformly buys Shanghai Stock Exchange today, and Youdelou knitted fabric can be selected according to its own taste. Both from the overall perspective and from the texture perspective, they are very advanced, and helped Fumei to divide into three different levels of work clothes. The choice of this clothing is based on the basic style used.

Today I want to talk about how to draw a perfect floral print. This is because most women will see the audit prompt on the computer, so it is easier to judge, which is also the same standard.

How to design flexibly before digital printing? The advantage of digital printing is that it can really possess a special aesthetic feeling from the printed patterns.

Digital inkjet printing technology is a digital direct injection technology based on weaving technology, which is controlled by the microcomputer of the equipment,

The production process of digital printing is simply to input various digital patterns into the computer through various digital means, such as scanning, digital photos, images or computer processing.

The continuous development of digital ink-jet printing technology and equipment has rapidly changed the traditional printing and dyeing technology. It is a favorable measure to achieve fast delivery in the market. At present, it has become a major growth point and a leading industry.

How to choose single or multi pass ink-jet printing equipment to make digital printing processing technology fly out of the ranks of the word “factory” with dimples, also let me see a familiar word – nozzle.

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