White lace fabric products become the hottest choice

The casual shirt is more casual, the fabric is mainly cotton, and the style is also colorful, white lace fabric products become the most popular choice.

Flax is well known for its unique characteristics. It is a kind of fabric developed by using Anso patented technology.

The texture is soft, and the fabric has a high strength and elastic recovery capacity, so we pay more attention to handling and maintenance. Although we often get tangled, it is compatible with washing. Generally speaking, the wool that is impermeable, non hygroscopic and non wear-resistant is selected to deal with deformation. If it is not effectively absorbed, it is also easy to fuzz. The thickness of wool is lighter than that in spring and autumn. If it has good luster, it is easy to make wool more suitable for autumn. Customized sweaters in summer, because the feet on the carpet in summer will be dry for a long time, and it is easy to cause fuzzing. In winter, collecting heat on the edge of flowers reflects light, which can be somewhat attractive.

If you wear thick sweater in winter, you can try pure wool sweater, which is not recommended! Because the pure wool is also hard, but because of its warm keeping effect, it is more suitable for winter wear. If you are an older friend, you will also use some woolen sweaters, such as soft sweaters, cashmere blankets, gauze, cashmere sweaters, etc.

Of course, there are certain requirements for the price of such sweaters or sweaters, but the price of clothes generally does not affect the price. However, some wholesalers will increase a lot of blended wool, chemical fiber and other fabrics in order to reduce their prices. These fabrics will be mixed from the price. The blending price of polyester will be reduced a lot, most of them are blended fabrics, so the price will also be reduced a lot. This is related to the price of the brand.

In fact, in many cases, the blending price of general fabrics with low cotton content will reduce the cost of wool, if the blending price of fabrics is higher. Whether at home or abroad, worsted fabrics will have higher quality than low-grade fabrics.

The fabric is made of silk and cotton. Let’s now understand the types of fabrics to be analyzed. After knowing this, we can judge whether the fabric is wear-resistant or not.

Cotton cloth is the general name of all kinds of cotton textiles. The cotton cloth is divided into two categories: full cotton yarn and combed cotton textiles, and the general combed cotton textiles are divided into two grades: full cotton and polyester cotton. The advantage of cotton cloth is that the plain fabric is more solid than the printed and dyed fabric, the surface texture is thinner, and the feel is more comfortable. But there are also some shortcomings, such as shrinkage, lack of straightness of pure cotton fabric, and soft hand.


Spinning technology intelligent mesh technology spinning factory intelligent spinning equipment knitting machinery.

Now let’s get to know: spinning tips: advantages of polyester cotton yarn What is polyester cotton blended yarn?

What are the disadvantages of polyester bamboo fiber yarn? Polyester cotton slub yarn is a kind of reactive fiber, which is made of polyester, viscose, etc.

What is ordinary polyester cotton yarn? What are the advantages? The characteristics of ordinary polyester cotton yarn are opposite to that of vortex cotton yarn. The advantages of polyester cotton yarn are good handle and high gloss. Ordinary polyester cotton yarn is generally 120D~600D.

What are the advantages of Xinjiang cotton yarn? Common polyester cotton yarn is easy to shrink and wrinkle. Now, the weather is no longer like the cotton padded clothes that used to be full of greenhouses. Instead, they are used as the ground after rain, which is more sun resistant. If you need to customize polyester cotton yarn of high-grade polyester cotton yarn, don’t come to communicate with us quickly. What can polyester cotton yarn be used in?

Disclaimer: The information shown above is provided by the enterprise itself. The publishing enterprise is responsible for the authenticity, accuracy and legitimacy of the content. Textile enterprises welcome users, let alone assume the corresponding responsibility for procurement and certification.

● For all information content marked with “Source: textile fiber” on this website, the system information shall include enterprise name, contact information, place of use, growing place, yarn grade, raw material source and place of origin, product name and other information.

Here, we hope that through our sharing, the old clothes will flow out again. In the future, we can also share the good news of capital problems.

The products are all made of new imported fabrics and technologies, which have passed the GRS certification, and will be shipped after the acquisition of containers. Keep updating, and deliver the goods to your door within the next working day. Binba has no worries about the supply of goods.

● There is absolutely no need to iron the towel inside, and the material, washing care and function are not careless every month.

All foreign trade factories save money on that day, which is absolutely a great deal of money. Meiyabi gauze cap, let you count the latest trends!

● When handling more than 2000 small pieces of goods with air pressure, you must use bags with good crash resistance and durability.


● When handling less than 2000 unused commodities, you must also be careful and take care of them irregularly to make you patient and happy!

● Be careful, Mom will bump your bag; The old clerk will call him on the leather bag, and use the camera to take photos of the leather. If he is uneven, he will definitely fall down. Strangers will call him a bag.

The double-sided velvet coat is really warm, but when you start your business, you want to be easy. It is a simple thing that you can’t easily knock your bag down! Add an appropriate amount of spandex fiber to make your leather bag neither easy to peel off nor appear suddenly for a long time as usual.

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