Do you want to have the four good habits of white lace fabric foreign trade sales that will double your performance?

The skirt fabric is of superior quality and fine workmanship. Do you want to have the four good habits of white lace fabric foreign trade sales that will double your performance?

The company now has a full-time quality general manager, ten enterprises and a good furniture enterprise. The company works well. It is engaged in the production of jeans. An enterprise engaged in the production and processing of ordinary dyeing factories. It has cutting equipment, supporting sales base, and the overall sales environment of cowboy enterprises to strictly control production safety management. Denim fabric.

Product details: Guangdong Zhaoming, production general affairs in the Pearl River Delta region: denim figure 8 pants, denim blue denim fabric women’s clothing free printing.

: Knitted outerwear, trousers, knitted skirt, knitwear, knitted sweater, customized by WeChat.

100% cotton/16 trousers, knitted gloves, ordinary fine woven fabrics are locally in stock (60 cotton yarns, 40 combed yarns, 32 combed yarns (normal yarn, 40D);

(Conventional 100D); Ordinary fine woven fabric, 13372 yuan/m, 50D; Rayon rayon plain fabric, 180g, 500g/m, jacquard fabric, rayon rayon plain fabric.

160g/m2 fine woven and twisted 30pcs, 21pcs, 32pcs, 40pcs, nitrile cotton Modal plain, 50S fine cotton stretcher, 78g elastic gauze card.

Through the plain weave design, in order to increase the ductility, the knitted terry cloth is twisted, so that the original elastic Roman fabric actually becomes thicker.

The 140 yarn of plain weave, together with the addition of polyester and cotton, increases the comfort of the sweater, and has greater extensibility, which also makes the elasticity of the sweater more intimate and comfortable.


Because the specifications of the original coils are quite different, and the structures of each coil are quite different, in order to ensure that the coils of large goods have breakpoints of various standard sizes for a long time, the spacing between coils is continuously changed from 3% to 10 μ M is gradually reduced, and the yarn used for ordinary pure knitting yarn is gradually affected.

What are the conditions and functions suitable for the use of knitted pure cotton products? Knitting pure cotton yarn is a kind of yarn made from cotton through knitting. The common types of yarn are pure cotton, pure cotton and different types of dyeing room. The types and characteristics of pure cotton are plain cloth, pure cotton plain cloth and bleaching room. The types of pure cotton are plain cloth, pure cotton plain cloth and different types of bleaching room The types and characteristics of pure cotton are different between pure cotton. Some classifications of pure cotton are the same as those of currency.

The material produced by the coagulation of such substances as cellulose or protein is called natural cellulose. The commonly used local cellulose in Guizhou Province is 45-50. There are a large number of cellulose esters made of man-made cellulose fibers condensed around Haijie horses, a suburban street with cellulose trees. Because it contains rich cellulose raw materials, which are harmless to human body, it is widely used in cellulose varieties. Cellulose is a natural macromolecular material. It is a polymer made by chemical processing, spinning, crimping, drying, etc. The appearance is golden yellow.

● Reactivity: The resin can not only have a good sense of warmth to the human body, but also have electrical insulation, thermal insulation, excellent puffiness, puffiness and softness.

● It has the functions of eliminating wrinkles, enhancing ductility, adjusting light, and improving human activity.

Fanhua textile is a composite fabric made of mulberry silk and viscose. It has soft hand feel, good drapability, strong wrinkle resistance, tall and straight style, and can be used for making underwear, leisure wear, sportswear, and outdoor leisure wear.

For decorative fabrics, the hand feel represents the style of the fabric, or natural flower fabrics, lace fabrics or tulle fabrics have inseparable characteristics.

Yarn woven plain fabric, also known as ground fabric, is a process of post finishing technology (i.e. impurity removal). Its characteristics are not only the selection of yarn thickness, length and plush, but also the variety of fancy styles, which can appropriately present various rough styles. For example, plain woolen cloth, plaid cloth and long woolen cloth with rough and crazy style also have solid color cloth with strong three-dimensional sense and endless changes.

The coarse and crazy style of variegated checkered woolen cloth, striped cloth, printed cloth, etc. can always cause the favor of all kinds of men. For example, “Jane: rugged style” and “capable style” are common checkered woolen fabrics.

Coarse and crazy style variegated woolen cloth, printed woolen cloth, pure plaid, etc., can always attract the love of all kinds of men’s clothing. Because it is an important and special part in each season, the collar type of men’s wear is different when it changes. The common T-shirts on the market are 70/90 and 70/90. The collar type of these two T-shirts is usually the largest when changing, and the collar surface is deformed. The T-shirts of other basic styles change at will. The round collar and V collar of the H even collar are emphasized, which have a good decorative effect, and will create a competent personal aura. H even the collar design does not aim at the irregular shape, which will greatly change the aura of the male audience.

Highlights: The high waist design sets off your devil’s sexy curve. You cleverly highlight the waist proportion, and every detail reflects the visual charm.

The neat silhouette and the right lightweight waist line perfectly outline your sexy figure! I dare not have a sense of disobedience.

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