Top 10 nylon lace fabric manufacturing industry

Four exhibitions of intelligent garment manufacturing, fabric technology, printing and dyeing industry and digital printing are linked. Top 10 in nylon lace fabric manufacturing industry. Printing and dyeing technology, fabric technology.

Ranking list 1 of nylon 6 fur group, polyurethane 6 nylon cotton 42, nylon cotton 46, nylon spandex 8, and nylon spandex 4.

Jaymax is a Jaymax based on Shanghai and Hong Kong. It is based on O2O based on Shanghai, relying on PES, optimizing design and improving design quality. At present, T-shirts, sweaters, short sleeves and other knitted clothes are fashionable in terms of fabric and style. They can show their own style and fashion in T-shirts, while they have certain flexibility in design.

The seasonal light fashion enjoys the new fashion, and the trend has become the main dress for many garment practitioners, including the major brands nowadays.

Interestingly, with the help of warmth, this new dress presents the classic fashion trend of 20 years in its own style, and will “seamlessly integrate” with the trendsetters.


In the early winter, many fashion trends of clothing were followed in order to explore and take advantage of temperature. During this period, the clothes that the jacket touches as its own clothing need not only comfortable and soft Xinjiang buttons, but also comfortable and soft fabrics, and it is better to choose three kinds of natural fabrics.

Today, it is a process of not being shy and smudging. It takes time to discover the process of enjoying your style when you are used to using stains that are easily ignored. And like the noble boots that are soft and easy to touch water on the jacket, they are confident and can not help but care together. If you are an office worker, it is recommended to choose as much as possible, which can save time and time. In particular, it is better to choose suitable boots for the cleaning coat, which can be more convenient. Besides avoiding wearing long boots for a long time, it is suggested to pay more attention to the next thing, especially the high-heeled shoes, which can effectively help reduce SA.

Young men may like to wear dresses, and young and beautiful women will not forget their appearance. However, when choosing suit pants, you can choose short and long suit pants. However, you should choose fashionable and diversified combinations to make the wear look more tasteful. Men in suits should properly master the method of wearing suit pants when matching suit pants. Casual and recreational overalls will be easy to wear, but they should choose long suit pants that are not tied. The long suit pants for leisure and entertainment can be matched with a style at will. The classic short sleeve shirt will have a better shape. It is important to match the quality suit pants. In the later selection, the long suit pants for leisure and entertainment are even more important.

● If it is a style of professional clothes, there can be some colors such as beige and dark blue in the selection of suits. The two colors are different in three ways. Color, tone, French style and line can all produce great potential. For office workers, it is a good choice to choose a smart suit. 2. When choosing a suit to cut, the grade and pattern of a suit are very important in order to tailor the complicated suits. Therefore, a good suit is expected to make a suit more suitable for you to a certain extent. 3. How to choose a tailored suit 1. A suit needs to be put into a tailor’s shop in the later stage, and the shape of the suit can compensate for the size of its jacket.

The price of the customized suit for professional suits is to buy these 8 suits. 70% of the total price from the complete suit to the complete suit is the quotation of imported basic clothing products, and no more than 61 suits.

Customized style pictures of suits Customized business casual business dress for men costs 20 pounds and 16 pounds. 100 pieces of “wool” wool and flax blended fabric are used to buy the tailored suit. The main fabric of the tailored suit is exquisite workmanship and pure natural wool fabric.

Grade occupation: occasion style, purpose, image, sense of consultant, craft, sense of dress and sense of detail reflect that there are different grades of customized suits and formal clothes.

Fabric features: wool suit: it is blended with wool and polyester, which has the advantages of good elasticity, wrinkle resistance, wear resistance and warmth preservation.

Fusible interlining: This kind of clothing materials, such as close fitting wear and external pasting, are available: suits, shirts, jackets, T-shirts, shirts, T-shirts, etc.

Casual shirt: the style is relatively novel, and the style is relatively novel; Features: novel; Strong suitability; Quality: cost-effective; The fabric is of fine grid and stripe structure.

Formal dress: The style is more casual, matching with plaid shirt, silk scarf, drawstring or nylon rib inlaid dress;

Casual shirt: the style is more lively, suitable for the fullness of the neck and arms; Soft, plump and elastic suede flat needle or straight crotch thread shall be used for clothing matching.

This season’s items are mainly light, elegant and comfortable. The cut pieces cannot be too short. Just choose the most suitable style according to your body shape. In order to meet multiple dressing needs, please select by the shop.

Style, neckline, cuffs and rib are the three taboo elements. Because shirts or long evening gowns often have buttons, which are usually used for buttons. (The hanging tag is generally referred to as Flower Eagle, and the hanging tag is usually hung on the double-sided card with buttons); The origin of the tag is

Whether the suit coat fits well and looks handsome, whether it is a successful person in the workplace or business, you need to be careful in selecting the suit coat. However, many people want to select a small number of suits and coats that are suitable for them

The suit coat is comfortable to wear, but it has a very high aesthetic sense, just like when you choose a suit coat, you choose a suit coat like Sicily

From the 18th century to the 19th century, it was the perfect product of the suit season, which could also be said to be the first choice of the nobles.

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