Top 10 nylon black lace fabric factories

Product introduction: Lace lace with gilding, the gilding process is automated by the gilding machine, and the top ten nylon black lace fabric factories are ranked. Braided lace with gilding Lace lace with gilding.

Bronzing processing nylon ribbon lace ribbon bronzing bud ribbon bronzing. Hot stamping fabric, spandex ribbon, snow gauze ribbon, satin.

Ribbon gilding seamless underwear shoes materials bags hardware ribbon gilding scallion satin flannelette gilding scallion color polyester gilding.

LOGO fabric: polyester nylon snow ribbon fabric snow ribbon nylon snow ribbon ribbon stripe.

● sTIC mercerized cotton T-shirt Super thin and comfortable mercerized cotton 20SR60868.

Large women’s summer short sleeved T-shirt cotton short sleeved thin fast rhythm square shorts fast drying fabric 21 cotton round neck short sleeves.


2017 summer new oversize slim lapel lace chiffon blouse women’s round neck short sleeve lace 18.

French cool lapel double stranded stand collar full zipper cold resistant maple leaf style heavy industry embroidery linen shirt is recommended in summer.

Summer thin work clothes Customized short sleeved jacket work clothes Customized logo Light storing, moisture absorption, breathable, fast dry hiking, fast dry summer work clothes Customized.

Main business Summer work clothes Customized star enterprise T-shirt POLO shirt Summer ultra-thin work clothes.

Workwear printing, hot stamping, off type printing, hot drilling, customized group clothing, customized printing fabrics, customized tooling, hot stamping of enterprises.

How to design and customize customized T-shirts? Cardigan is a more excellent brand than ordinary ready-made clothes. Proper customization of T-shirts can highlight the characteristics of enterprises. Smaller batch customization is suitable for enterprise brand image and popular with consumers. How does the T Club customize the round neck T-shirt to match the style? What color matching is customized T-shirt? How does the cardigan have more advantages? How does the T club customize the round neck T-shirt to wear temperament? How to choose a darker color for a customized T-shirt.

How to match the customized round neck T-shirt with style? Different ways of wearing customized T-shirts need to pay attention to different ways of wearing customized T-shirts.

● The higher the cotton content of the T-shirt, the better the design. Pure cotton tends to wrinkle more easily than cotton. The high count fabric is very durable, and it is more stylish when washed.

● The line determines the overall image and effective ability of the entire modeling design of the T-shirt. The elegant curve design and slim profile line make the overall look more solemn.

● Pattern design is just a simple line design that shows a three-dimensional sense. The three-dimensional cuffs hem adds a variety of pattern design. The difference is that many universities have their own design teams, so we do not need to spend extra design strength and time to adjust our collocation.

Recently, students who like handwork want to say that a kind of handmade jeans toilet paper with toilet paper splicing is used to make a small skirt left by children’s handwork. Many models use it to make the name of the skirt?

The fabric embossing is also processed by tassels. You need to make a technical embossing method for fabric embossing. Follow the introduction of long skirts, and you can use this method.

First of all, the machine is used for embossing. This step can press the cloth into a groove and has a good shape. In this way, the concave and convex flowers with Borang are formed. Finally, there are dark flowers on the fabric, which are beautiful and can bring us unexpected tenderness. The principle of the hidden pattern on the fabric is that the pattern on the fabric relies on the unevenness of the fabric to print a very bright pattern on the clothes. Such a beautiful scarf design makes people look particularly warm.

The most common fruit in blue and white, red and green, is very happy to see in autumn, so the autumn clothes decorated with it are fat and colorless, which should be particularly beautiful.

lace trim

The following is a detailed introduction to the unique preservation methods of all kinds of overcoats. Come with the arrival of one to four years and ten weeks!

If you wear a coat that is bigger than Lefu or a colored coat, you must look at its style when you buy it!

Speaking of the slim waist? Then it’s time to cut off two obvious waistlines, because the thin and small waistlines seem to have a gradual rise and fall, a little full and feminine. And that is, the fluffy straight shoulder design can make the whole body become lazy and free, and that is the rough side.

If you want to pull out the waist line, you should also pay attention to the compression of the neck. Then check the thickness of the waist line to see the chest line. If it is elastic, it is better. Then tie a belt around the waist to decorate it, so that it looks more intelligent overall.

Wearing high heels can protect a woman’s waist. “High heels will” repair “the weight of the shoulder belt once they are up and down, making it easier to fix the shoulder line. If the shoulder line is not long enough, it can be more wear-resistant. It is easy to have the illusion that the shoulder is loose and not fat, and it will be more hidden, which is the meaning of shoulder design. Therefore, you can select the shoulder seam that suits you, and the collar can increase the sense of shoulder seam detail.

The fabric is made of polyester cotton yarn and 3/1 twill weave. The density of warp and weft is 10864, and the weight is 65/m. It is an ideal material for making windbreaker and trousers.

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