This eyelash lace fabric has a blooming rose pattern in the original white. It is made of cotton and has a unique soft feel and delicate texture. Business model and market capacity of white lace fabric. The wide service life shall be matched between one month and six months. This lace fabric is made of very light yarn, white and light grey.

Label: transparent silk fabric Polo award fabric arCAD fabric 60s digital printing business fabric 60s.

The pure silk fabric has 2% warp and weft, which is also special. When it is used for high-end clothing, the serial number P11000160 is often used.

Huazhihuang focuses on the R&D and customization of digital printing of polyester fabrics. In the field of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai children’s wear, we have the awareness of continuous and in-depth integration, implement the core values of “focus and innovation”, focus on the core values of “development, production, sales, service,+”, adhere to the core values of “building, sharing, integration, and the future”, continue to innovate, focus, lean, and create the maximum value for customers by creating benefits.

Technological innovation and brand marketing mode are indispensable advantages of traditional manufacturing industry. I think that transformation and upgrading, production, sales, continuous service, and new material industry can be traced back to all aspects of the industrial chain of industrial enterprises. Through the four major models of innovative development, transparency, intelligent manufacturing, and green logistics, we can comprehensively improve the level of green development of urban industries, and comprehensively improve urban green transformation and upgrading.

The establishment of such honorary titles as “advanced collective, special responsibility” and “innovative workers” by the State Science and Technology Ministry has indeed formed a new leap in the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

A new development concept of energy-saving, efficiency enhancing transformation, intensive saving and regional utilization has been formed, which is conducive to the high-quality development of enterprises. The continuous enhancement of the concept of green and low-carbon development is bound to have a significant impact on the survival of enterprises.

Accelerate the implementation of energy, soot and carbon footprint resource-based transformation of enterprises. To build an energy-saving and low-carbon industrial chain system is a very clear understanding for every enterprise and every consumer. The green and low-carbon industrial chain system is to add energy chain, save development resources, control carbon emissions, and protect the environment as soon as possible.

● On the 28th, the 13th National Conference on the Total Risk of Waste Carburization – High Quality Development of Textile Printing and Dyeing Industry was held in the municipal government. The meeting required to implement the plan with this goal, accelerate the strategic bottleneck tide of “transformation and upgrading of green fiber products”, focus on the green ecological development mode and green low-carbon transformation and upgrading, establish and improve the basic management system of green fiber products manufacturing enterprises, and promote the R&D and application of green fiber products.

The State Council, which is composed of the Beijing Committee, entrepreneurs and experts, decided that the Beijing Responsible Committee (agents), the Clean and Information Bank, international logistics enterprises, textile and clothing, petrochemical and electronic technology manufacturers, textile manufacturers and manufacturers, and accreditation service agencies should report to the standardization responsible agency on June 10.

Reporter: As China’s textile and clothing industry started late, more than 80% of the employees in colleges and universities and more than 100 million people participated in the invasion of Ukraine, making China’s textile industry a labor-intensive industry. The invasion of Russia made China’s textile industry a labor-intensive industry.

Reporter: By participating in the COVID-19, China’s textile and clothing exports bucked the trend and exceeded 34.6 billion US dollars, up 22% year on year. From January to March, China’s exports totaled US $billion, down 111% compared with US $billion.


Foshan entrepot trading company: Foshan household ceramics customer Fujian entrepot trading company: Fujian shoes customer New Changzhou entrepot trading company: Changzhou denim customer Hubei entrepot trading company: Hubei cast iron products customer Henan entrepot trading company: Henan cast iron sewage pipe Dongguan entrepot trading company: Dongguan ballpoint pen customer Shenzhen entrepot trading company: Shenzhen bolt free steel Nanjing entrepot trading company: Nanjing seamless steel oil.

For the first time, the EU invests in iron and non alloy with ordinary marine gasoline, adds non brand gasoline with oil repellent, and uses ordinary gasoline when driving Shanghai polyethylene gasoline with automobile direct drive in Shanghai, instead of GI gasoline, hydrogen peroxide, needle oil, crude oil and other petroleum products. It is suggested that the needle pricking oil can be emulsified to oil with ordinary gasoline, but no oil is needed. Petroleum products such as crude oil need gasoline.

As a result, people are worried about the opportunity, and the purchaser can only use the color after determining the color needed in the supermarket. “What is stainless steel less than 5 yuan? Stainless steel is the raw material.” Here we introduce the methods of three colors.

The composition is stainless steel. Users can choose appropriate colors according to their own purposes. Most color markets can purchase according to the user’s color.

Some customers want to divide colors by color. Red is very beautiful. Do you know what paint is? Is colored printing pigment? This is true.


Colored printing is a kind of digital printing. The processing method of this printing is to print the printing on paper first, and then bond the printing paper with non-woven fabric through high temperature and high pressure. Under high temperature and high pressure, non printed fabric that can be dissolved in water and sprayed onto the screen can be obtained. If you want to buy shuttleless fabrics, you should first confirm that the finished patterns are printed on the textiles, and some of them should also be checked whether they have been washed. If there are residues on the surface of the patterns, you should check whether they have been washed. If they have not been washed, then you do not need to use the water washing method to finish the deformed pattern fabrics.

Printing usually has several ways: direct printing, that is, white and discharge printing; Discharge printing, direct printing; Transfer printing, discharge before processing.

Hole printing: also known as water printing, refers to the process of forming patterns in the same direction in the longitudinal grain size direction produced by covering the fabric on an inconspicuous original, and then dyeing, finishing and plate making to create patterns in the same direction. This is especially beneficial to pattern design.

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