How to sew elastic lace trim

Our company has introduced more than 30 German advanced lace machines, specializing in the production of various elastic and non-elastic lace, and how to sew elastic lace. With its gorgeous texture and elegant image, it is an indispensable factor for the dress model of wedding dress.

According to your own experience, the characteristics of lace fabric: 1. For covered items, they should be placed in a clean, ventilated and cool place, not in a low and high temperature place. It should not be placed at places higher than 40 ℃, especially in dry places in winter.

● Surface coating may occur, please do not buy. Because of slight friction or other special stimulation, the surface coating may be damaged, and it will wear and burn.

● The appearance of silk or short silk is not conducive to transfer to the surface of the fabric, and the friction of the fabric will also be affected and the lightfastness effect of the fabric will be reduced after friction. For example, the cotton fabric will produce transverse color difference when unwinding, but it is not easy to unwind. The effect of high temperature is more confusing than that of this state, and the high energy decomposition will also lead to uneven energy transmission, which will eventually lead to the reduction of color difference. In this situation, some fabrics have more or less dye uptake, and the dye uptake rate is low, and the color separators such as those in Zone C cannot be successfully used. This state leads to this difference. The dye solution may diffuse from the textile fabric or on the surface of the fabric, resulting in dyeing or coloring.

After the dyeing of polyester/cotton blended varieties, different batches of dyes form different colors, and even have different degrees of color change, forming color differences from ordinary dyes. After dyeing of polyester/cotton blended varieties, the dyes may have color differences due to the splashing of dyes and dyes, resulting in a certain color.

Dye polyester/cotton blended yarn dyed in different batches according to 100% different impregnation color, while other dyes splashing or splashing will cause permanent or permanent color difference in the printing and dyeing plant, or eventually lead to color difference.

The dyed yarn with different colors can be obtained only by dyeing according to different dyeing processes. The dyed yarn with different colors can be obtained only when the cotton fiber is dyed with 100% dye and only 65% dye and 25% cotton fiber, and the color is uniform and colorless. The cotton fiber dyed under normal temperature can not be dissolved in water, chlorine, oxygen, antioxidants, etc., so the color fastness is consistent.

In addition, the cotton yarn on the market has become the first choice for many high-end clothing due to its high fiber density, high fiber strength, good moisture regain and gloss in acid-alkali resistant environment.

lace trim

In order to facilitate the selection of high-quality cotton yarn, it is often necessary to boil the cotton yarn first, and the softening treatment is as follows.

A. Thermal insulation of NaHCOOL Na2CO3 Na2COOL, with ultraviolet ray.

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