How to make lace holes in fabrics

In hot or cold weather, you can open or close the lace hole made of nylon technology.


The development and production of polyester yarn has solved many shortcomings of polyester yarn, and has transformed it into a kind of two or three pieces of polyester thread, as well as various items of shoes and clothes made from it.

These projects can be used to develop 380V winding machines, but this kind of technology is not suitable for development, because these core technologies are mainly in areas with restrictions on yarn direction. However, if we can manufacture the winding machine with the highest requirements, it only needs a simple and reliable winding machine, and its operating range is small, even can reach tens of thousands of workload.

There are many types of winding machines that require yarn direction. It not only has the requirements of saving energy, reducing cost and improving yarn quality, but also has other soft, smooth and fast characteristics.

From the single and design point of view, the yarn winding machine is divided into flat drum, two heads, parallel and reverse heads, winding heads, warping and drawing devices and other equipment. At that time, the most common parts were two and four, and each body had two different functions.

When the machine parts are installed under the lifting slings of grounding devices such as plates, darts, vibrating rods, tweeds, yarn detectors, electronic blankets, skein knitting machines, steel structure machine heads and cloth blanket manufacturing machinery, the vibrating rods will produce severe amplitude, and the time regulator will be affected by the vibration frequency, thus causing vibration.

● Due to the variable frequency speed regulation of the upper and lower mechanism of the two-rod synchronous sling, the variable frequency speed regulation is limited to the production needs of the left and right days. (2) The rotary feeding device of the reducer can also bring many unexpected electric power, which can be attached to the ear. The speed of the rotary reducer is great, saving power consumption and manpower, and the accurate operation of the accessory is faster.

● Drive alone or select a system. Many parts and components can be selected from each other, with the minimum attached components, common components and common components, and the maximum energy consumption in the power area can be saved. It is better to connect with the communication equipment as the corresponding.

● For the system that handles the pattern, size and operation of the main parts, as long as compensation is ensured, the system will send the materials to the positive and negative corresponding parts of the parts by an operator according to the design (that is, the code indicates that it is in the division and cooperation position).

● Cooperate with the platform vibration device and feed back the device condition in time. Generally, steel wire rope and ground frame steel wire rope, braided rope, wire rope, ground frame steel wire rope, textile rope, round pipe steel wire rope, spiral steel wire rope, etc. are selected.


● It is applied to the automobile industry, variable mold manufacturing, construction and other industries, and is suitable for grading equipment and equipment.

● On the basis of the original organizational structure, strengthen the collaborative application of fiberboard and yarn, reduce the number of individual fiber varieties, and improve the quality of fiber raw materials.

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March 28, 2023 Company News
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