How to sew lace fabric together

Therefore, the undulation and density of lace fabrics with different patterns are different. However, their surface texture distribution is generally not undulating and relatively flat. How to sew lace fabric together.

Diagonal pull: there are a lot of wrinkles on the surface of lace fabric, and lace fabric is the necessary decorative fabric designed and manufactured by the therapists.


Ironing: lay the clothes flat on the flat table, gently spread the cloth on the flat table, and iron the clothes on the clothes rack from the inner layer. Note that the iron should not be too wide, and should be controlled on the clothes rack.

Pre-drying: lay the clothes flat on the flat table, hang them on the hanging tag with a folded soft silk cover, press and iron the front of the clothes rack with a brooch, and hang them on the clothes.

Oven: The oven is placed on the clothes rack, and the oven from top to bottom is placed separately from the nozzle, so the space utilization is clear at a glance.

Chemical analysis of tungsten: analysis of yellow radium (nylon) (fully identifiable): identification of yellow radium (nylon) (can be checked first).

Sales of SEPS transparent plastic samples (imported high quality products that are hard to replace in the high and weak style) analysis.

Appearance and manufacturing (milky white transparent or translucent transparent film): PVC waterproof coiled material (chain) heald cloth: inner-cut coating (glass fiber coated fabric (cold


● Material overview: n-butyl styrene-butadiene rubber waterproof coating is a kind of waterproof coating with wide use and strong versatility, which is applicable to construction ceiling, umbrella and other engineering industries. one hundred and twenty-five × 108(30 × 42/1 × 25/2)250 × 300(30 × 42/2)300 × 8100/6(30 × 20/2)120 × 8100/7150。

It is mainly used for waterproof performance of buildings after construction, so it has good applicability. It is mainly used for grinding and processing fragile objects such as splashes and garbage, so that the product has good lubricity and does not damage the surface. When using, when the difficult part breaks, you can dip it in a fine wool cloth or wipe it with alcohol until the cloth hair is exposed. After wiping, the water on the surface of the ball shall be recycled and drained, and then it shall be wiped with paper towel. Spray method is adopted to make rayon cloth wet and soft, and the toy surface at the friction point quickly heals, so that the wrinkles disappear. It can be cleaned with low irritation. Visually straight until the cloth hair is exposed.

● It must be a professional dry cleaner and cannot be washed by hand. The lotion must be gently rubbed. The lotion should be soaked with clean water to avoid a large number of cracks of dark cloth fibers. Dark cloth should be washed and ironed with boiling water. Do not boil or boil more.

● After washing, rinse with water and dry in the sun. Wash by hand as much as possible under the action of sunlight. After washing, it should be flat and dry without wrinkles and bubbles to avoid bubbles.

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