Where can I buy stretch lace fabric

Lace fabrics are divided into elastic lace fabrics and non-elastic lace fabrics, which are collectively referred to as lace fabrics. The composition of elastic lace fabric is: where can I buy elastic lace fabric. The composition of elastic lace fabric is: spandex 10%+nylon 90%. The composition of elastic free lace fabric is: 100% nylon+spandex. Generally, 100% nylon lining is 100% nylon+spandex. The elastic lace is due to the different chemical properties of the fabric. Generally speaking, the thickness of elastic lace is 14-20 mm, and its lightweight texture is better than that of nylon cotton in the air.

With regard to the number of fabrics and the amount used, we have many kinds of fabrics. The number of fabrics, as the representative of yarn, is 1/10 of that of yarn, which is the most common. The number of branches we are talking about now is 1/25 and 1/8. The number of textiles is large and the density is high. The number of textiles is small, which is suitable for the production of mature spring clothing and has a thin feel. The worsted and woolen yarn has good air permeability. It feels very good.

● 8. Because of rough spinning, combed high-count wool yarn is used, and the fiber fineness is 02 μ m. It is a high-quality yarn. The count of woolen fabric yarn is 100, which is usually a few per meter. Only cotton yarn with 28 counts to 60 counts and more than 120 counts can be considered as high yarn.

Each 120 yarns (60/2=32) are used for fancy yarn, mainly used for weaving cotton wool and double-layer pure cotton yarn. The key varieties are pure cotton yarn, viscose yarn, polyester yarn, tencel yarn and cotton yarn.

The diversity of the company’s products is an eternal classic. The popularity of Modal this season has condensed the long history and traditional technology of the company as a whole, and expressed the development concept of excellence. The popularity of Modal this season adds a touch of novelty to Licheng.

The sports style is inclined to the sun, and the selection of appropriate temperature is conducive to heat dissipation, delaying the effect of sports, and also conducive to the washing cycle of clothes and flying cleaning.


The zipper design of the nano sunscreen clothing not only prevents the light from going out, but also can well block the strong light from entering the space and effectively block the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin.

The investment strategy of the textile and clothing industry should analyze the market price of raw materials as early as possible, select relevant imported natural raw material products, and take equal care of the use of sunscreen, isolation cream and other milk LDPE pad products, saving water and protecting the environment, which are conducive to promoting the healthy development of the industry. Polypropylene pad is the most reliable natural filler that has been stored for seven years. The production process should be long and can be used for a long time, which will help you keep fresh and improve your brand value.

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March 28, 2023 Company News
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