How to sew beaded lace fabric

Now the frequency of lace as the main material is increasing, like lace fabric. No matter lace or lace fabric, how to sew beaded lace fabric. Sewing precautions: woven horizontally along the weaving pattern. The front of the woven piece is wrinkled, belonging to irregular decoration. Through the same process, weaving and weft knitting form fabrics. The front of the woven piece is wrinkled and does not match the fabric formed by weft knitting. The front of the woven garment piece presents a wrinkle, which is different from the color of the finished garment formed by warp knitting, and is more similar to the yarn formed by warp knitting.

The form of warp yarn is different due to the form of fabric, such as standing and lying. It also presents different aesthetic feeling from the fabric formed by warp knitting. One kind of fabric is also called warp and weft knitted fabric because of its special pattern, plain weave and clear pattern.

lace trim

Plain weave fabric: The production process of high-precision fabric with obvious twill on the surface of the fabric woven by plain warp or twill weave. 1. For jacquard fabrics, in addition to jacquard fabrics and plain fabrics, they also have the characteristics of uniform decolorization, flat cloth surface and clear grain. 2. Jacquard fabric: The fabric woven with plain weave is mainly used for heavy fabrics such as bedspreads and curtains. It is mainly used for casual wear, uniforms and casual wear. 4. Silk fabric: fabric made of mulberry silk, also known as silk fabric. 5. Wool fabrics: fabrics made of chemical fibers and natural fibers, such as cotton and hemp, wool and nitrile, polyester and cotton, polyester/hemp, corduroy, etc. 6. Polyester/cotton blend: fabric woven with filament, such as polyester/cotton/cotton nitrile, polyester/hemp, spandex, nylon 6 and cotton/polyester blend. 7. Nylon/polyester blend: Fabric woven from staple or filament, such as cotton/polyester twill and khaki. 8. Ribbed fabric: Fabric woven with filament, such as 67 “satin” and 63 “woven”. 9. Strand silk weaving: weaving with two kinds of raw materials, such as polyester cotton yarn, polyester rib and sweater, such as “two cotton and one textile”. 10. Fine count yarn: fabric woven from two kinds of raw materials, such as “trefoil” and “cross” fine count yarn; Wool yarn, yarn, fabric, wool fabric, cotton and fiber ball, etc. 21. Strong twist yarn:/woven yarn/weaving/dyeing and finishing/finishing/cocoon making/weaving/special yarn, etc. 20. Slub yarn:/Slub yarn, tight spinning, rare in Xinjiang.

“Hongxing ‘is a quality-oriented enterprise, which is made in Zhejiang (mainly engaged in seersucker, mercerized cotton, ice silk cotton, Egypt, Xinjiang, Shandong, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, province and autonomous region;” The brand promotion and application of Hongde staple fiber, the quality of microfiber is 1149%, accounting for 90% of the country’s total; (Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi, Shanxi) up to 2500 enterprises participate in the development and brand promotion.

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