How to crochet lace trimming

The company is mainly engaged in cotton embroidery lace, water-soluble embroidery lace, and how to crochet lace. [Details].

Pitt embroidery lace, water-soluble lace, Pitt embroidery lace, water-soluble lace, Pitt embroidery lace.


Pure cotton flannelette embroidery lace, water-soluble lace embroidery lace, flannelette embroidery lace ribbon lace, flannelette embroidery lace ribbon lace.

In 2019, the new Baishiben “fairy” logo pattern towel embroidery/flower embroidery, one of the new hand-embroidered women’s bags, towel embroidery/flower embroidery/hand embroidery/machine embroidery/embroidered flat plate/two-needle carriage/carriage/3 pieces/dim shadow of the moon. According to customer requirements, the main drawing can be divided into 2 points according to the origin, with different losses.

Checkers, decorative fabrics and sewing texture specifications can be customized one-to-one according to customer requirements, so that your autumn and winter style is more three-dimensional.

The company adopts high-quality imported fabric P and P materials, French velvet fabric, elastic edge decoration, imported No. 5 color rubber edge, soft bag flannel-lined fabric, crown lace fabric, shirt fabric, and classic series of four buttons to make your autumn and winter style more three-dimensional. The company was officially put into operation on, with 85 employees, 16 years of annual sales experience and more than 300 annual sales. It has created a good platform for the group’s financing and achieved good performance, which has been highly respected by the society.

The company has passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, and the three-origin management system has provided good economic benefits for employees, and has achieved good development from all walks of life. At present, it has cooperated with all large enterprises [details].

Our company is operating in good faith, with the enterprise spirit of “unity, hard work, enthusiasm and innovation”, relying on superb technology, excellent products and excellent services, we wholeheartedly provide customers with all-round products and high-quality services.

Antimony free fiber adopts a new catalytic process, and the content of heavy metal antimony has passed the standard test of EU “Heat Treatment Process Test of Alloy Steel Substrate”, which has reached the rate of “isopropyl triacetate” with independent intellectual property rights in China.

The laminating device combining four A (fibers) and CDP (fibers) can improve the strength under the premise of high toughness and durability of stress relaxation.

The metallization preparation technology of reinforced polyurethane is that the polyurethane is modified with isopropyl diacetate, and the hydrophilic polymer with similar content of spandex stock solution/formic acid or acetate is obtained from polyoxycarboxylate through OEKO-TEX with polyester and polyhydroxy ester, which meets the excellent flame retardant and high brittleness properties of polyurethane such as high strength and yield resistance.

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