What fabric is lace

It will make customers confused about what the beauty shop does and what kind of fabric lace is. Lace is mainly used for women’s clothing, which accounts for a large proportion. Because the overall style of our living room is dark, and we have different preferences for the overall scheme of the office. When choosing fabrics, we may choose different types of fabrics. Let’s make a new introduction and get to know each other.

The combination arrangement of mesh and woven fabrics is a kind of fabric structure arrangement, which weaves the two kinds of fabrics in a certain numerical way to form a dense and coherent warp knitting, while the woven fabric has a higher void ratio, and the agglomeration effect is much higher than the woven fabric.

lace trim

Due to the yarn defects in the vicinity of spandex, low-cost products will appear in the general knitted fabric market, which will bring certain benefits to the knitted fabric market. However, in this case, many laymen of knitted fabrics see some specific information about horizontal stripes, which may sometimes be called rib. The fabric on the back of the stretcher sweater is called rib, which may be called weft knitted sweater.

As a common knitted fabric, its bottom edge is not very clear. We often call it POLO shirt or POLO shirt. Because of special circumstances, there may be a size larger than 180g and then a T-shirt. Therefore, it is necessary to customize the bottom hem and square eye of POLO shirt, and how to distinguish the customized T-shirt cotton-padded shirt and T-shirt POLO shirt.

Different customers and industries, different POLO shirts have direct contact with skin. Because people have different opinions on polo shirts. For the sake of cold protection and warmth preservation, when someone chooses to customize polo shirts, as long as these basic products are mild to the skin, they can be used, so as to meet the sweat excreted by the human body. When ordering polo shirts, some people will choose a polo shirt made of hydrophilic plastic packaging in order to obtain satisfactory results. This not only keeps these basic clothes comfortable, but also improves the comfort of clothes.

T-shirt needle is suitable for high temperature weather, especially in spring and summer, while cotton t-shirts need to reach low temperature dyeing. Generally, ordinary dyes or disperse on polyester cotton, nylon cotton, polyester viscose, nylon or wool, and have good auxiliary dyeing.


Knitted fabrics are divided into knitted fabrics by use, knitted fabrics by function, knitted fabrics by composition, knitted fabrics by process, knitted fabrics by organization, loose knitted fabrics by organization, three types: weft knitted fabrics are divided into combed wool sliver (with yarn), dry phoenix knitted fabrics (dyed yarn loop), nylon sticky knitted fabrics (m/m), rayon weft knitted fabrics (W/color), rayon knitted fabrics (Tencel/linen, Tencel/chiffon) Polyester viscose blended fabric Modal cotton blended fabric Tencel rayon knitted fabric.

Can we use the knitting needle to extrude the tannin fabric with the linear relationship between the two, and then heat it manually to achieve the effect of waterproof setting.

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