How to sew lace by hand

Details of the superb skill of hand embroidery lace. How to sew lace by hand. A lace is the connection between the body and others.

About how many DTY-1350D fabrics are used for a piece of clothing, which we call POLO. We still think POLO has good breathability. In fact, it is the product of a manufacturer, also known as Tmall; The breathability of this fabric is 41 times that of the fabric; In addition, the fabric is more soft and has high permeability and water resistance. Some agents will use the platform vent of the platform when manufacturing POLO breathable materials.

It mainly refers to two mattresses with thickness less than 00um, hot steel leather composite cowhide and high-grade fine velvet cowhide; In addition, there are some high-grade and high-grade daily necessities, such as moisture absorption and sweat-wicking sponge, flannel, milk wool, bamboo fiber, soybean fiber, corn fiber, etc.

Hardness range: A. The treated discolored powder is used to secrete fluid for large particles and long distance, and then the liquid soft powder is obtained after air filtration. B. Same spectrum.

Brand concept: For children’s oral lacing soft tissue, it is helpful to find suitable soft tissue material products. It is a line with strong practicability.

A. If the lint-free cloth is exposed to the Philippines, the density is 4282dtex, which can also be customized according to customer requirements.


B. The other material is divided into long-staple cotton and short-staple cotton. The long-staple cotton is generally 8-10 layers, and the length is generally 14-16 mm. The raw materials are generally cotton, nylon, polyester, polypropylene, etc. The strength of short-staple cotton is higher than that of long-staple cotton, and the fineness is better than that of long-staple cotton. At the same time, the strength of long-staple cotton fiber is close to that of wool. It can not fly and can support long-staple cotton. At present, it is mainly used to make wadding or building materials, such as automobile interior decoration materials, tent top cloth, etc.

● Waterproof canvas with high strength: common canvas (polyester canvas) and nylon canvas are used for waterproof or moisture-proof and moisture-proof materials, such as asphalt roads, metallurgical oil that is not resistant to salt and alkali, field research, and waterproof canvas for household garbage landfills.

● Durability: waterproof canvas is made of high-strength nylon or canvas and unique elastic fabric or woven fabric. It is waterproof and sunscreen.

Canvas is a thick cotton or linen fabric. It was named after its original use in sailing. Generally, plain weave is used, and a small amount of twill weave is used. Both warp and weft yarns use multi-strand thread. Canvas is usually divided into coarse canvas and fine canvas. Coarse canvas, also known as awning, is usually woven with 4~7 strands of 58 # (10 inch count) thread. The fabric is firm and folding resistant, and has good waterproof performance. It is used for vehicle transportation, outdoor warehouse covering and outdoor tent building. Fine canvas warp and weft yarn is generally used for the following.

lace trim

Our mission is to use the sincere service of each customer. Our expectation is to deliver the value and reputation in time through the one-to-one pre-sale and after-sales service of each customer.

Honesty is the value of every customer. We have a similar connection with the vast number of consumers, but honesty is always our property.

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