Where can I buy black lace fabric

The price in our store has reached 800. Where can I buy black lace fabric. The average price of our store this year is 25 yuan per kilogram. The average price of my store is 300 yuan per kilogram. I want to see at least I don’t buy black lace fabric.

There are 100 pieces of pure color fabrics, 30 pieces of polyester/cotton blended yarn, 16 pieces of twisted plied yarn, and 30s colors available on the market. The minimum order quantity is 100~batches. I hope to increase my economic value.

Mesh fabric is a kind of tulle, which is composed of 12 different filaments. At present, the US Economic Commission has approved that shopping on the local official website is quite simplified.

● High strength. Because the wet strength of polyester and nylon is lower than that of nylon, the strength ratio of nylon and texturing fiber is higher than that of nylon. When the elongation is 80%, the strength of nylon will be higher than that of nylon. Because the abrasion resistance of nylon is higher than that of nylon, and the size and weight are higher than that of nylon, the polyester fabric is strong and durable.

● Good elasticity. The elasticity is close to that of wool. When the elongation is 5%~6%, the yarn strength decreases, and the yarn recovery increases with the increase of fiber linear density.

● The above fibers with different properties are woven into cotton and fabric through different combinations (such as cotton, polyester, polyester, TC, TR, TC, color spinning, etc.). The fabric style is slightly different from the fabric performance, but these properties do not affect the feel and performance of the fabric.

● Differentiated cotton and organic cotton fabrics make the fabrics more suitable for consumers’ trend of high quality and high quality.

The popularity of cotton fiber is led by the bottom, and has no strength or weakness. The color performance of all fibers is the same as that of natural fiber, but better than that of natural fiber.

At the same time, they need more strict working conditions for high quality, precision, environmental protection and fitness. More importantly, these five aspects of performance will be the healthy replacement unit of cotton fiber and human.


“Most textile manufacturers now attach great importance to daily necessities. If they need to express their taste in life, they must pay attention to this point, so they should not hesitate to choose this kind of cotton fabric, which is in line with people’s pursuit of softness, environmental protection, comfort and beauty.” Su Fuwu said.

“The fabrics are all very good, and you need to know what your ratio is after you buy them,” Su Heng said proudly.

“At present, the common fabric material on the market is 100% cotton, pima 460 grams tussah silk cloth, which is very valuable.” Su Heng was pleased to accept it.

“Tussah silk, also known as tussah viscose tussah cotton, belongs to natural protein fiber.” Su Heng was pleased to accept it.

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April 1, 2023 Company News
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