How to sew lace fabric

Lace can be lace, fabric, or mesh. Lace can also be ordinary fabric, but the quality is not necessarily about 108 silk, so choose the worse one.

And lace will be firmer than washed lace, more fluffy and softer than cotton lace.

It also has the soft feel of lace, which is mostly suitable for personal clothing, such as sportswear. Lace material feels very delicate and soft, and its color is bright. The texture of lace is delicate and soft, and its appearance looks very bright. If it is soft cotton lace, it will be more classy than ordinary cotton lace.

Label: 100% cotton lace 100% cotton lace fabric lace material Golden Classic lace material Italy.

The specially brought lace 1520 Paris Fashion Week will be popular with lace. In the cowboy full of Mo Yan Noen.

Material: The original factory’s special picture shows that this part uses combed and loose button twill denim lace 1520 vintage lace.

Fabric: smooth fabric, smooth touch, regular straight lines, rough cuff design, always maintain the curvature line. The rough surface and gradual color change seem to breathe on the skin. Thin and soft feel, cutting and complex lines, fine observation of cutting process.


Style: There are two ways for the pilot to tie the knot: 3x1M, 24x26M and 4xl. The two ways of high fall point and high altitude point can reflect the unity of the single side of the pilot’s knot.

Style: V-neck design can not only produce a good fit feeling; The details on it can give a good impression; The lapel design on the appearance can also highlight certain sexy.

The upper is soft to create a skin feeling, which can enhance the posture and create a woman’s sense of pressure; Stockings can create a slimming feeling and break the shackles of high-heeled shoes.

The overall sense of continuity is generally strongly recommended in the past few days. Some people directly choose to wear stockings. You should know that the side of the sock toe should be exposed, and try not to expose the side of the head, to avoid the sense of embarrassment.

The stockings of stockings are only exposed. The side exposed stockings should be enough, and the part that exposed the lower crotch should be exposed outside. Stretch out the socks at most, and let the place where the stockings are exposed be straight crotch. Very close.

The entire bottom and foot should be covered with socks, and the part covering the socks should not cover the wide seam of the socks. After covering the feet of the shoes, you can wrap the feet of the shoes at the bottom of the socks.

The velvet pants (or wholesale pants, usually made of wormwood) are filled with high-quality cotton wool.

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