How to stick lace on fabric

Lying quietly on your shoulder is like waiting for the bud to open. How to stick lace on the fabric. Lacing means that workers work manually on the machine. Generally, the pleated lace of lace is the most common. So, how to start with these lace folds?

● Warp knitting: It says a fishtail lace woven with lace machine. This lace is a diamond pattern fabric woven by three threads.

● Embroidery: the lace of this lace is called “fishbone pattern”. It is a work of art that weaves thread shuttles and needles.

● Water soluble: water soluble lace is a cup and opening pattern with the edge outline of the pattern, and two different colors can be selected.

Plain embroidery: water-soluble lace is a pattern of bags and openings, with the outline of the edge of the pattern, the process of producing water-soluble lace, and the hot stamping of water-soluble lace spray.

Wrinkle flat embroidery: water-soluble lace is a lace, which is suitable for knitting, cotton or polyester cotton fabrics. The lace cannot be stretched straight.

Cotton wrinkle flat embroidery: water-soluble lace has no three-dimensional sense, so it is made to form a three-dimensional sense. It is very suitable to be used as an advanced shirt in autumn and winter. Mother embroiders on the side. The soft and beautiful fabric instantly becomes warm sunshine, and it becomes gentle and peaceful.

Lace: The connection of lace can not only be consistent with the technological characteristics of clothing, but also bring more possibilities for technological production.

Bice thick needle embroidery of flat pleating machine: bice thick needle embroidery of flat pleating machine: manual sewing of flowers and grass needles, needless to say, just look directly.

lace trim

Pleating machine Bice: pleating machine is a kind of mechanical processing efficiency, so pleating machine needs special auxiliary equipment to make all kinds of beautiful pleats and beautiful clothes.

lace trim

The GRS global recycling standard Ape Man (CM20) is based on the national, consumer, government and other factors, and the products produced are independent labels, which have no pollution in the whole process of recycling and selling, and conform to the established “the smallest plastic in the world”.

Civil silk is a kind of yarn that has many advantages over silky softness and soft feel. Guangdong Guangde Crane and Cable Research Institute has opened tariffs on this material trick. The implementation of this research can make civil silk products meet ISO quality and standards.

Functional clothing fabrics are widely used in families, hotels, hotels, water conservancy, gardens, forest industry, petrochemical, industrial, municipal, social and other industries. Through technical breakthroughs, these functional clothing fabrics have three ways: balance energy: restore the balance and activity of the human body.

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