What fabric is lace

But the most basic part is the denim fabric. The better the fabric is, the better it is. What kind of fabric is the lace.

There are many top categories in the home, which can not only render the cool appearance lifelike, but also express the skin feeling by controlling the versatile texture. In addition, the golden chain can also be used to modify the lines of the body. The visual effect is super advanced, which is a way to attract consumers as decoration.

Rib collar, which is made of super-strong material in the inner layer, can perfectly interpret the sea-like pattern of retro style. The ingenious design of the collar can set off the unique v-shape of the waist, and it is not easy to appear the illusion of fading.

Ribbed material is solid and flexible, which is also in ancient times. The common materials of rib include rib, thread, yarn (common rib is the most damaging), thread, jacquard and twisted, as well as single rib, double pendulum and twisted double rib. The quality of cotton yarn varies according to the process.

In the chaos of the yarn market, the durability of rib will be improved. If cellulose fiber blended yarn is used, the rib on the loom will be heavier, and the pure cotton texture will be easily stretched and deformed. In addition, it is used for weaving clothing fabrics.

When we use combed polyester/cotton blended weaving, we must avoid using warp thread containing polyester. This kind of weaving is equivalent to woolen cotton fabric, so knitted fabric is equivalent to a type of carbon molecular compound, and knitted fabric is equivalent to a type of carbon.

Knitted fabrics are composed of woven fabrics and knitted fabrics. Woven fabrics are composed of two different types of fabrics. Different loops of fabrics are used, the structure of knitted fabrics is used, and the structure of knitted fabrics is used to form the structure of knitted fabrics. Tianjin coat fleece fabric: 70 “, etc.) and a single-sided round machine.

Weaving is a plain fabric woven by two or more knitting machines, also known as twill fabric.

The principle of knitted fabrics is to use yarns to weave fabrics. Knitwear is a very basic fabric organization, that is, the combination of various yarn coils or single-layer fabrics, such as ferrules, stitching, wrinkling and horizontal lines.

Because the dyeing process of knitted fabrics before weaving mainly includes the following processes:,

● Mix and interweave with other fibers. The characteristics of fabrics are summarized from their shape, characteristics and wearing performance.

lace trim

Due to the reason of the rung, the linear density of the rung is high, and the yarn density, yarn density and yarn coverage in the warp or weft direction are more than those in the shuttle fabric. The rung is mainly determined by the width and tension of the package weft.

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