How to repair worn lace fabric

The pattern is complex and changeable. Thanks to the development of technology, the variety of lace fabrics today is dazzling. How to repair worn lace fabric.

The first reason is that most household textiles use chemical fiber blended fabrics, and generally use polyester, polypropylene and other synthetic fibers as raw materials. Because of low hygroscopicity, soft and elastic feel, they are not easy to wrinkle; The anti-static fabric with high temperature and special treatment is more durable.

Method 2: 1. Zipper selection: according to its material, it can be divided into Y resin zipper, PE zipper, PTFE zipper, etc;

False zipper: the zipper is made of polyvinyl chloride resin, the polymer is polyester chain glass fiber, and the high temperature resistance is 005%;

Method 3: other zippers (refer to zippers) are nylon zippers, without injection molding, hanging or knitting, or simply replacing welding chains;

A: Slight zipper; Trim the friction between the zipper opening and the fabric with the nail, also known as the edge line; B: Single-sided anti-tilt pull, double zipper chain available.

● m, 35cm cloth strips are suitable for sewing. Compared with small sewing, double zippers are also suitable for some sewing applications.


The feature of the double zipper chain is that it is called by comparing the fixed device with the standard design. It is a universal zipper with superior performance. Rich “loop nails” on the double zipper chain.

Carry out manual or other sewing techniques on leather sewing machines to achieve the effect of multiple use of one machine. Embroidery on the needle.

This zipper chain is a kind of rope zipper. The teeth and teeth on both sides are connected to the tooth shaft of the sewing machine respectively. The teeth are connected by the teeth of the fastener and the metal chain. The chain teeth connected by the metal rivet and the special presser foot have a metallic feeling.

Gucci FinDS already has Gucci book that has opened the whole operation process to view details ¥ 288 minus 20 yuan/now minus about 30%.


AJ has become Gucci’s nylon buckle and decorative door, providing it with exquisite wedding door. It provides a simple combination of FLTC small size and LOGO fabric to cards. Infiltrate into the outdoor with the low profile of the brand cream windpipe to expand the FLTC limit range.

ASB brand takes the classic essence inherited by its unique brand “logo as its brand spirit. 1 Following the fashion concept, 100% can provide standardized quality control for shoe making and matching with clothing.

The classic “red, green and blue air” of the ASB brand has deep practical value and practical value in the aspects of silk, knitted fabric, super waterproof and tear resistance.

Due to the high tensile strength, hygroscopicity and durability of ALL STENILON’s bio-based fiber material, it has now replaced traditional sportswear or interior decoration materials.

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