How to cut lace fabric without wearing

Laser equipment in flexible materials should be mainly reflected in cutting and marking. In terms of laser cutting, how to cut lace fabric without wearing according to the material size. Let’s share.

● Advantages: laser processing technology is mature, simple and efficient to operate, and simple and efficient to process.

● Advantage: Because of the use of photosensitive processing technology, it can process 500 times under the same light source conditions, and the physical chemistry of light is faster than the conventional maintenance.

● Toxicity: photosensitivity will damage any metal that is corrosive to electronic light, and any corrosive metal will be damaged.

It is widely used in textile, filtering, plastic, toys, handicrafts, food, medical and other industries. To sulfurize dyes, reactive dyes, sulfurized vat dyes, direct dyes and coatings; It is applied to the discharge, color change, bronzing, reactive printing, water treatment and other applications of dyes, coloration, processing, packaging, identification or image marking materials including rubber, plastics, dyes, inks, etc; It is used for pigment dyeing, printing and finishing of various woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, home textiles, blankets, etc.

It has won the National Science and Technology Progress Award, the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Standard, the GRS () assurance measures and content innovation, 95% qualification rate and 20% prominence.

The company has more than 160 employees, including cotton, chemical fiber, blended fabrics, various chemical fiber ropes, non-woven fabrics, etc., and has provided high-quality products to customers such as Disney, Yuecheng District, Prada, band, etc.

The company has developed into a large clothing industry enterprise integrating clothing design, production, sales and service. It is the largest clothing production base with the largest scale, the largest production scale and the strongest technical strength in the clothing industry in China, and also the largest and most professional large-scale processing factory in the clothing industry at present. The company has been specialized in the production and processing business for more than ten years. It is good at communicating extensively with major professionals and professional media, newspapers, magazines, etc., has rich independent research and development and production experience, is good at cooperating with well-known clothing brands and outsourcing factory equipment manufacturers, advertising, trading, functions, talents, and has a deep understanding of the industry of clothing foreign trade. It is in line with the principle of “people-oriented, honest first” and “honest first”. Professional R&D and technology, continuous improvement, faster delivery time, easier service, rapid operation and considerate after-sales service to cooperate with customers, and win the praise and recognition of market friends.

The buttons have the advantages of electroplating, simple manufacture, wide applicability, comfortable material, easy disassembly, etc., and are widely demanded by consumers in the industry.

Non-contact melt parts and button buttons are widely used in melt spinning technology and application fields.

● Fabric performance test: use thick cardboard to hold the button to retract, straighten the pants line, and the cut is larger than the pen.

The button surface of non-contact solution parts and buttons can be customized according to customer needs, and can be made on clothes.

lace trim

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April 9, 2023 Company News
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