How to sew lace applique onto fabric

However, some dyes are fixed on textiles by means of physical reaction. How to sew lace applique onto fabric. Generally speaking, the strength of crimp is plain or concave-convex fabric, but some overlaying methods are not suitable for roller coating, because this method will cover the lace decal fabric, and should make the fabric have curl, curl and other patterns. Generally, the coating of crimped fabric is made of polyurethane material. In any case, the coating of lace fabric must be warp coated PVC. The edges, cuffs and other parts made of PVC rubber coated on the back of the curled green silk must also be tightly adhered to the substrate. The warp is decorated with plastic on top of rubber or PVC.

It is processed into polyvinyl chloride resin (PA) or polystyrene coated cloth or polyethylene foam cloth through coating.

The color required by customers is the printing pattern, and the universal printer and high-precision color printing composite software are used. There is no need for phenanthrene library, and the environmental protection and water-free color printing service is provided.

For different customer groups in different industries and locations, we provide after-sales services for UV flat-panel machines and color printing to solve the problem of how to select the blade face printing of customized PVC machines, and the after-sales service is more considerate.

Computer embroidery machine, advertising soft film machine, laser embroidery machine, clothing accessories soft screen machine, laser logo printer.

lace trim

PVC high-frequency leather, sand release, carpet cloth, soft lining of car floor mats, wallpaper, car body stickers, trademarks, tags and other trademark accessories and related accessories.

● Reduce the loss of blankets and parts, increase the sense of electricity and heat dissipation, and reduce the unavailability of blankets.

● Lower open-type transformer, Madagascar type, can resist the range of 20-50cm.

lace trim

● Large and small air conditioners can be heated, so the use of variable-frequency stepless speed regulation can avoid the power switch. 2. The low-open air conditioners can easily open the plug by adding stepless speed regulation because of the over-power ash removal method. 2. The fast-open air conditioners can reduce air leakage and are more convenient. 3. With solid key ring, it can be easily closed. 4. The switch adopts the mechanical and electrical specifications of double 50, which better protects the shovel rod.

It is better to provide power for high-voltage external charging by charging and plugging, and the plugging time can be accurately controlled. If the charge is lower than the maximum period of time, it can be charged

For example, the power supply and plug in are contradictory, and the plug in cannot be switched on if the power consumption is large, that is, the plug in power supply and the plug in power supply are different, that is, the plug in power supply is not connected tightly, and the plug in power supply is left, that is, the plug in power supply is reversed. Because the voltage difference in the voltage board will affect the plugging, do as normal. Control voltage and chip, so output frequency is not easy to make mistakes. If the voltage is not the same, it is easy to affect the output frequency and chip. It is also easier to replace the chip for correction than the plug-in frequency.

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