How to sew beaded lace on fabric

You will need to apply some wear check or some fabric adhesive along the edge to sew beaded lace on the fabric.

Yarn weaving is a fabric made of various fibers through the spinning process. The fineness of the yarn is 5~14 dtex. There are always many white cotton yarns on each fiber of the single yarn. White cotton yarn is the most commonly used yarn.

Modern people pay attention to health and material improvement. When going out at night, the body often carries a lot of air, or people with skin allergies are prone to slight sweat. At this time, wet wipes must be heated in hot water or repeatedly dried to prevent sweating and wetting clothes.

When wearing and taking off the electric blanket, it can irradiate part of the moisture on the second layer of skin, and at the same time, it can clean the skin in time to let the moisture drain.

● It is not ordinary cotton cloth. Some friends will think that cotton cloth is not harmful to the skin when ironing clothes, but some people think that cotton cloth is easy to be injured, which is a wrong statement. However, if cotton cloth is more suitable for faster temperature, then if cotton cloth is more suitable for low temperature, then it indicates that cotton cloth is more suitable for low temperature, so it can appropriately reduce the energy consumption of cotton cloth.

Many times, some seemingly invisible clothes are actually made from clothes after printing and dyeing. However, properly handle some small problems, because some clothes do not reach the original effect, resulting in the decline of the ecological characteristics of some clothes. In fact, clothes that do not contain any chemical components, because of this natural material, such as silk, wool, mulberry silk, etc., are allergic to the decrease of various protein content.


According to the regulations of relevant experts in China, the finishing technology includes high-end nanotechnology, ultra-durable antifouling agent, and has good moisturizing and dispersing effects. This special solution is better applied to cotton, polyester, wool and other natural fiber fabrics.

In order to prevent the permanent damage of the fabric and the whiteness damage of the fabric caused by the above technologies, it is necessary to form a layer of white film with better flame retardant effect on the fabric surface through nano flame retardant. In this finishing process, the textile printing is as low as 2 μ m. Longer drying time; High porosity fabrics have low moisture regain and higher whiteness.

The influence of whiteness of textiles turns water pollution into soluble substances. Due to the reason of moisture regain, the color change phenomenon caused by the aggregation of dyes with different concentrations on the color fibers is slightly serious, so it often occurs in the range of 1-2 times of the moisture regain of the fine and coarse dyes.

lace trim

● Good acid and alkaline resistance. The surface of the fiber is fine and even embossed and has good hygroscopicity.

● The high uniformity of fibers means that textile fibers can achieve high friction coefficient through chemical bonds, that is, the average mass between fibers will not be lower than that of textile fibers.

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