What about lace edge

● Clean and brighten the lace to reduce excessive contact of dyes with raw materials; Or use soap instead of drying it with a watering can; After washing (calendering) with detergent, it can be directly evaporated without first washing with water or hand.

● X-C special breath concentrate for lace is usually used to dye colorless liquid, and can use 60 – 10% premium; Compared with the field of yarn, this product has the advantages of wear resistance and anti-static; Suitable for sponge, cloth, plastic, PU, wood floor, thermal insulation materials, etc.


This product can disinfect and disinfect the oil stains needed, and the reasons for the yellowing of the fabric. There will still be residual stains after wiping with oil, and a layer of oil stain treatment method can be applied on the surface. In addition, the paint can be disinfected, and it will volatilize easily after disinfection.

At 100 ° C, it is also possible to have paint dripping and contaminate hands and bring oil stains directly onto the table. At this time, the ink cartridge should be replaced to clean the wall connector.

If the paint of the surface coating does not wipe the body, it is necessary to wipe the eyes with other things, otherwise it can be contaminated.

If some owners apply some water in the spraying of marble polishing agent, it will lead to solidification in some places and damage the beauty. Some owners do not want to let the polishing agent solidify and cannot solve it, so they try to pour out the water without hesitation during washing. On the other hand, when there is scaling on the surface of the polishing agent, it needs to be gently wiped with some mild detergent. This will prevent the polishing agent from sticking to the polishing agent and damaging the surface. When there are wrinkles on the surface of the polishing agent, some wrinkled wipes can be used to remove them. After removal, you can also use an eraser to remove stains.

Cleaning and maintenance: wiping is a cleaning problem and is unavoidable. And special personnel are required for care or replacement. Clean the rust spots on the surface. Clean up once a month. The cleaning method related to rust spots shall be followed. Clean it once a month. After spraying a certain amount of oil, wipe the stain with a damp cloth.

The cleaner and the dirt left during washing must be kept by the machine or steam pressure. After air drying, rinse for 5-6 months and then rinse for 5-8 months with clean water. In order to remove the residual dirt, the dirt must be thoroughly scrubbed.

Because of its high strength, linen towels are mostly used to make hotel bedding. Towels are divided from materials, including white cloth, non-product cloth and performance cloth; Satin cloth; Tassel cloth; Activated carbon fiber cloth; Chemical fiber fabric; Nylon porous fabric cloth; Acrylic zipper cloth; Printed fabric; Knitted fabric; Activated carbon fiber fabric; Pearl fiber fabric; Carbon fiber fabric; Glass fiber resin; Harness fabric; Christmas decorations; Imitation silk, golden velvet, wool, linen, gold and silver cashmere, bamboo fiber, velvet, polyester, functional fiber fabrics; Functional coating, waterproof, flame retardant, antistatic, wrinkling, calendering, embroidery, pad dyeing, bronzing and other functional fabrics; Bright colors form a mix and match style; High-tech functional finishing such as soft, warm and multifunctional organization and multifunctional finishing: ecological functional finishing: special functional finishing: functional coating, waterproof and waterproof.

Four side stretch: polyester DTY+polyester low stretch yarn, polyester DTY+spandex low stretch yarn, known as DT.

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