How to tie the lace on the fabric without stitching

First of all, without affecting the baby’s growth, you can choose some soft soled walking shoes around 6 months old. How to tie the lace on the fabric without stitching. Then, you need to cover the lace paper to pass through the soft backing paper.

Different home textile fabrics will be different, such as Ocas. In fact, the so-called Okass in the market, also known as Okass, is a double (double) fabric made of polyester cotton, also known as cotton hemp pattern. However, Okass is a low-end fabric, but Okass is a low-end fabric, which is easy to clip flowers.

In general, Ocus is also a low-end fabric. It is a kind of fabric with more than 140 fingers. The higher the count, the higher the price. Therefore, the quality of the fabric produced is higher.

The above points are the details of the fabric made by Ocas. According to the physical properties of the said raw material (Ocas), it is divided into the chemical types of D E ^ S D (X ray diagram, etc.) fiber, and made into blended yarn.

Mocaca) fiber: the conventional form of mocaca: fine denier mocaca yarn (unmodified) added: metal inclusion: metal missing angle (not transparent and clean) is very serious.

● Keep the surface of anti-wrinkle mocha yarn clean, and then finish it with anti-wrinkle ingredients. Xinxin has a high end.

● The surface of the polyester/cotton blended fabric is smooth and smooth, and the gap between the fibers is very small, forming a clear and bright effect.

Polyester/cotton blended fabric/fiber has good conductivity, but poor light. Suitable for dark or light color clothing, dark or light color clothing.

● The abrasion resistance of polyester/cotton blended fabric/fiber is better than that of cotton, higher than that of cotton, and higher than that of cotton.


The main products of the company include: non-woven fabric bag, film-coated silk fabric bag, polyester film-coated silk fabric bag, non-woven fabric bag for baby carriage, diaper bag, sanitary napkin bag, film-covered jacquard bag, P greeting card bag, bottom shirt bag, vest bag, reflective vest bag, human cotton women’s bag, composite mask, disposable sanitary bag, etc.

The company specializes in selling various specifications of non-woven flour bags, non-woven flour bags, colored cotton paper bags, environmental protection bags, etc.

Non-woven shopping bags are soft filter materials made of plastic, with a service life of up to 80-100 years. They have a good reputation in Guangdong Province in the world and are widely used in the construction industry, solid waste treatment, chemical, paper, rubber, thermal insulation and other industries.

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