Where to buy black lace fabric

In the clothing world, the fabric of clothing is varied and changing with each passing day. Where to buy black lace fabric. Here, we will explain it one by one in production mode.

lace trim

● Ordinary silk fabric: the clothing fabric feels soft and the clothes are no less. Wrinkles on the shoulder are mostly used on the collar and cuffs.

● Super soft silk: Super soft silk is a kind of cloth made of superfine fiber, with good softness and breathability. Its style feature is that it can be dyed into light color and light light color. The finishing effect during color matching is not as difficult as that after finishing.

● Polyester: polyester is an important variety of synthetic fiber, which is made of high molecular amide,

Polyester: polyester is also called polyester fiber. Polyester is made from petroleum and dissolved by wood pulp, boiling and refining chemical raw materials and paraffin

The data shows that Dacron 250D is the common name of Dacron 300D. Look at what brand exists. In fact, what color is 210D clothing.

Label: How about power off black technology or 390D? 420D waterproof yarn 420D plaid 60D full elastic light silk.

Tian Qiang 1326 is still the same in China, but you need to choose the type of yarn according to your actual situation without the problem of weight bearing.

More than 20 countries, including Vietnam and Southeast Asia, have different colored silk markets. Our company has 8 colored silk production lines for customers to choose from. It is the most innovative and production technology in Vietnam. We imported 100% silk twisted products from Vietnam and produced more than 140 full American colors and quality.

Vietnam imports silk clothing and interlining from Vietnam, including shirts, scarves, underwear, uniforms, jackets, trench coats, shorts, T-shirts, as the main clothing of summer clothing.

Vietnam imported silk clothing and interlining from Vietnam, which has attracted domestic customers from the previous 100% imported fabrics and domestic fabrics. Vietnam exported interlining 65%, Thoma anti-drug interlining 65%, 169%, etc.

Vietnam garment manufacturing and synthetic garment machinery parts, electromechanical equipment and technology manufacturing, including precision instrument system, fully automatic supplier parts, etc.

Strictly implement the ISO9001 quality management system standard, strictly follow the ISO14000 environmental management system and national laws and regulations, and fully implement the comprehensive development of morality, intelligence and physique.

APEXMOP is a polyester thin film. It is a technology that uses a physical barrier high hydrophilic base yarn and is lined with a hydrophilic substrate to reduce it to be free from pressure and spots, and has good hydrophilicity, non-toxic and deformation.

APEXMOP is an elastic film with good tensile property and cold resistance. Its modulus at 110 ° C can withstand up to 90% temperature impact and has good impact force.

lace trim

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