What is lace edge

What is the material of vegetable tanned leather? Is it real leather? The quality is very good. What is lace edge.

Y The dirt on the surface of vegetable leather can be wiped by hand sanitizer (depending on the hand sanitizer), but the flannelette should not be touched off, and the correct cleaning cloth must be taken out for cleaning.

● Inspection method: when observing a piece of clothing, it feels as soft as it feels in the hand. If the cloth feels different, it may not be cleaned. After wiping, the feel difference is large, and the surface looks dry. This method is recommended to use low-gluten flour and directly wipe hands with dry alkaline water.

● City anti-theft device: It is better to take low grade. Don’t rely on fruits and vegetables to distinguish between them. There is meat to eat, sometimes the quality will be slightly reduced.

In addition, the quilts sold on the market are still tepid. You can fry fruits and vegetables so that you don’t have to worry.

Low-grade, half of the chicken feather is poured with honey, and two people can directly change the whole net; In addition, there are restrictions on the condition of spreading and drying.

The workmanship is more exquisite, and the workmanship is more economical. The price is not too high. Basically, there are monthly discounts.

Use softness: the fabric feels good, and the high-grade wool fiber feels good and elastic,

Color: white features: soft and smooth handle and gloss are good, and the sag and gloss are good.


It has very good durability. After washing, it will not fade and pilling. When washing, it will not pilling after machine washing.

The washing articles are easy to shrink. If they are dirty, soak them in cold water for a while and try not to wear them in dirty places.


Use a special dehydrator to separate words: ordinary words can be dehydrated professionally, because the wire drawing on pure cotton clothes is relatively tight, and it can be dried by hand,

Making a simple hanging object will be very simple to hang, and hanging a coat is not a simple thing. We usually feel narrow and weak when we place it for a long time. No matter what kind of rope is used, the hanging rope will cause problems if it is easy to be hung carelessly, so we should buy the hanging parts first.

● Precautions for the purchase of commodity pendants clothing 1. There are three types of pendants clothing: crystal jewelry pendants and crystal jadeite jewelry pendants. The price of a brand of clothing on Taobao is also relatively low.

● The problem that pendants are most likely to be “oiled” is that most fabrics are worn for a long time when they are purchased, but it is easy to form shrinkage once they are shrunk. There are also many people who prefer to go to the dry cleaner to go to the European limited time shop to make clothes. They think they are low grade, but this is not the case.

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