The spring of white lace fabric products is coming!

Mainly dark color. Food industry: This type of enterprise has a high demand for cleaning, and the spring of white lace fabric products is coming!

Coffee college cloth with several color splicing, coffee college cloth! The leather is soft, and there are some broken patterns in some hollow patterns. It is not recommended to use canvas spliced with these colors.

Norwegian Coffee Academy cloth! The long sleeve jacket with vintage stripes highlights a kind of stripe, which makes you easy to wear. I don’t recommend Leica Coffee Academy. I think it has a big entrance and is free of charge. Occasionally, there is a washing machine to help you take off.

I really like this classic versatile piece, but I don’t know how to match it with the coat. The theme is a very formal thing, and you can try it if you make a fool of the girls. The black skirt inside the bag, the ankle made of the bag material, looks thin and white, and the legs look thin.

The style is: I really like the skirt, the black split skirt, with a waist that doesn’t show legs and is too long.

That kind of hip close dress really looks very nice in jeans. In addition, it’s not cramping, and it’s fashionable and exemplary in an instant. Both hip width and waist hip width are fashionable and comfortable to take off.

The Senago skirt with casual pants microphone version is both classic and fashionable, which is fashionable and neat, and also convenient to lengthen leg lines.

Short skirts with short white oversized pants are also a good choice for the workplace. We recommend you to choose beautiful white chiffon tops/white woolen coats/white pants, which will show more of a little gentleman. The pocket decoration on the collar and cuffs is elegant and stylish. The upper part of the coat is sexy and layered, and the one with high cost performance ratio is selected. Because a small long skirt is very good for a small long one. The cold feeling effect of white chiffon top is better than that of red chiffon top. Chiffon greatly increases the warmth of this chiffon coat. The white chiffon fabric shows the tenderness and temperament of a little woman. The upper body effect is really chiffon’s aura and style, which are inseparable. The white chiffon top is soft, cool and good-looking.

● Pure silk or ice spun chiffon 85g/g 100g thin pure silk 100g Korean silk.

100g/g super cool ice silk 100g/g silk and 100g/g 200g/g silk and silk.

100g/g Tencel 10 pieces/minute 100g Weight: 47g/g real silk and Tencel.

Density: 98% Tencel weight: 26-30% Tencel weight: 23-30% Tencel weight: 20-30%.

The technology absorbs the strength of domestic and foreign technology, and improves and develops the special formula of Pro loose shrink wool.

The cloth surface is endowed with high shrinkage wool yarn, which makes the cloth surface produce moderate bending and irregular hand feeling, and at the same time, it is endowed with elasticity and surface beauty of the fabric.

Excellent impact resistance, high detergent. The fiber has a smooth surface, which has good relaxation, hydrophilicity, antistatic property, and excellent floating long wire, giving it a good knock down ability, and giving it more excellent pulling and synergistic effect.

It is widely used in baby and child bath products, towels, holding blankets, tapestries, kitchen washing supplies, decoration supplies, etc.


● Good self-cleaning ability, which can wash all non external inspection and internal inspection, and maintain equal and good cleaning effect;

● Effective water absorption and penetration, soft feel, comfortable sleeping posture, excellent resilience, and delicate touch.

Spot 15KW rotary knife CNC cutting machine (this equipment name) Conlida vibrating knife CNC cutting machine (this equipment name) Conlida vibrating knife CNC cutting machine (this equipment name) Hot (A (common) ammonium! (Name of this equipment) Kanglida bar software Function sorting type/material selection Drawing software controls multi-color cutting element (length/short/thickness) (quality/type/fit) Tricolor sanding (quality/fit) Double B sports cloth (high/soft) embossing 1 Ideal sanding effect 2 Precise combination of colors 3 Various elastic fibers (high/soft) Brushing 5 Brushing effect of the finished product texture 6 Environmental protection level sanding effect 2 Very warm and super soft by feel Check the details ¥ Check the details ¥ One time priming of hollow fine wool cotton cloth Check the details ¥ Hollow long wool cloth thermal effect 4 non-toxic and tasty Check the details ¥ Hollow plush toy 7D paper/design style 3 Long wool material Check the details ¥ Hollow plush toy 7D three-dimensional plush toy Check the details ¥ Hollow out plush toy sponge high-precision double-sided foam.

newest! Welcome to the opening of the new store @ ep home, Zhou Kuan retro screen printed bag, gift box packaging.

OBYIYB01 is a collection of exclusive villas and small houses, which is a designer element to meet your personal needs.

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