List of Famous Polyester Lace Fabric Manufacturers

Made by one of the oldest Italian fabric manufacturers. This dress is made of high-quality linen, silk and cotton. List of famous manufacturers in polyester lace fabric manufacturing industry. It is tough, durable and textured. As silk is a kind of textile, it often hangs in spring and summer.

Clothes made of silk, cotton yarn, nylon and other fabrics, such as high-quality polyester fiber. This fabric is higher in quality and more sagging.

It can be used for soaping cotton fabric after dyeing, and the oil after sanding has good decontamination performance, which can prevent the damage of static electricity on the surface of the clothes, reduce the damage of surface fuzz on the clothes, and make the clothes bright and clean as new. It is applicable to the pretreatment of dyeing dark clothes in the dipping industry. It is recommended to dip roll washable fabrics for: dyes dyed on light colored clothes are highly alkaline, highly turbid and darkened.

The separation of safety and materials is the main link to damage the dye, and the operator must do a good job immediately. The time when the final loss or accident may occur after leaving. The combination of safety and materials is critical to the safety of dyeing work and operation process.

The main characteristics of Yalan SO387C84 wear-resistant friction production line are that the molecular structure is full of elasticity, which makes it often called: hard resistant granular reactive dyes (PWG snowflake wiper, NFAC84 wear-resistant wiper, GMT waterproof film). It is committed to improving product quality, optimizing quality structure, promoting new function application, researching and developing a new generation of products, applying a new polymer material PTFE microporous membrane, which is a new type of “LSixnchCX snowflake wiper insulation adhesive”, It can also be used to sweep the floor and seal the edges of ceramic tiles.

Screen printing characteristics: The screen printing industry consists of screen printing technology and heat transfer technology, and its characteristics vary according to demand. For example, silk screen technology is used to print pictures, layers, lines and other pictures on fabrics, as well as decorative pictures composed of images. 2. Digital printing process is simple, no need for plate making and color register, simple operation and high efficiency; The digital printing method is very simple, no plate making, no fading, no flying, no deformation, fast back version, multi-color; The printing equipment can adjust the color, and the color can be changed from 5 to 6, and the color can be changed from 4 to 5 UVs; Multi color printing, 6 colors, 1200 colors; The printing cost can be customized according to the picture requirements.

: Each machine of the thick plate machine is used to print a LOGO (except), and a pattern can be customized in the aspect of customized LOGO.

● High precision: High precision plane spraying machine is used to ensure the handover process between each accessory and the next machine and the accuracy of the pattern.

: Print a LOGO in the previous factory for cloth cutting; The next one shall be printed neatly;

● Color: digital printing is manual, and the color is relatively simple; If the color is close to the dyed cotton, it is also easier in color.

It is completely completed by sublimation of patterns and gradual embroidery. There is a gradient effect on the pattern. The prints come in a variety of colors.

Guangdong digital printing is a printing with digital technology. With the continuous development of computer technology, digital printing technology is a new high-tech product that integrates machinery and computer electronic information technology.

Clothing: all kinds of men’s clothing, women’s clothing, children’s clothing, youth sportswear, children’s clothing, underwear, jeans, knitted clothing and children’s clothing. Home textile products: curtains, fabrics, etc. Fabric curtains: table cloth (shower curtain, cushion, wall cloth, meal cover, etc.), soft base cloth, woolen cloth, leather, etc. Various high-grade furniture fabrics (shower curtain, cushion, wall cloth, soft bottom cloth, wall lining, wall cloth, sand cloth, curtain, etc.). These interior decoration designs and products are mainly luxurious, providing more choices for our life around the world. Our goal is to become the world’s first luxury sofa fabric customer.

Our goal is to become the world’s top sofa fabric expert for living and household use. Under the background of planning innovation, fashion and refinement of product design, it shows the brand’s pursuit of high-quality life. To achieve customer needs through high-quality, environment-friendly products, high-quality life experience and other excellent quality is the customer’s pursuit of cost-effective benefits.

● During this period, we have constantly improved with the society and achieved remarkable achievements. We have made full achievements in the establishment of factory management companies in Foshan and Shenzhen, Shenzhen Zhihui and other institutions, as well as the backbone establishment of some automation and information system models, trade investment and other aspects.

In 2019, we overcame the transformation of old and new drivers of the wiki and textile industries, established new systems, and put forward new business ideas. In the textile industry, the domestic textile industry has been expanded continuously. With the concept of large-scale service, the industry leading channel supply chain (jet drawing frame) has been established to improve product quality, reduce product costs and new design and development. It has the characteristics of green production, environmental protection, energy conservation, intelligence and flexibility. Fujian’s export quality target of high-grade fabrics mainly comes from domestic and foreign textiles.

Air jet weaving can use multiple air jet looms, such as denim, flat mesh and other wide fabrics for multi-layer cutting weaving, which is very suitable for the production of knitted T-shirts, women’s wear, underwear, senior sportswear and other clothing. In addition, under the active promotion of the development of modern textile industry, the enterprise has developed healthy, environment-friendly and healthy production for nearly a decade. In addition, it also encourages the development of the enterprise itself and the actual needs of the enterprise.

Knitted underwear is a kind of elastic knitwear. The starting fork includes needle ropes, flat belts, shoulder straps, steel rings, four claw stitches and knots. Generally, the price of knitted underwear is higher and cheaper.

★ — Mercerized cotton fabric, silk fabric, pure cotton underwear, hip sexy underwear, evening dress, ultra-thin, slippery and waxy, natural luster, breathing, and simple and emotional charm.

★ – Pure cotton pajamas, natural colored cotton underwear, combed cotton underwear, light, soft and skin friendly fabrics.

lace trim

★ — The classic, soft, silky, fairy and beautiful stripes, tight, cool and breathable tights, hip hugging pants, even those with buttocks tied and bright colors, cannot be presented in very simple plain colors to give people visual enjoyment.

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