List of famous manufacturers of polyester black lace fabric company

The price of 2500d black polypropylene fiber is 13000 yuan per ton. List of famous manufacturers of polyester black lace fabric company.

Company List 582 tex nylon satin fabric retail heavy duty professional spring and summer clothing cloth and tie supplies clothing cloth.

Company List 5 New Polyester Yarn with High Strength Polypropylene Filament – contact information of professional companies welcome new and old customers to negotiate business.


Warmly congratulate Kangsaini on being awarded the title of the fifth “100 winners of the National Conference on Innovation and Development of Textile Industry” and the departure of 2019 Yiwu International Textile Exhibition on February 24.

What are the various detection methods of electronic colorimeter? All information of the electronic colorimeter is used to identify raw materials, including color difference, feeding speed, cloth, roller, etc. The quality of these testing methods should be resisted by ordinary people. I will give you a detailed introduction today and hope it will be helpful to you.

Electronic color difference instrument is used to measure the color difference of samples and other real-time color measuring instruments in office or industrial warehouse.

The textile color difference meter, Zhayihan Silk Slippery Spinning Low, is the first professional color measurement and testing company in China. Based on the original red light samples and according to the theory of small measurement designed, it promotes the light source. Through various standard light sources, it has color difference characteristics. To a large extent, it can improve the production and can be widely used in a variety of application scenarios and samples to provide accurate measurement support for different application scenarios.

In order to strengthen enterprise management, improve quality standards, and improve management level, our company was established in 2010 as a production oriented enterprise focusing on rotary screen printing and flat screen printing. The company obtained the IDC quality and staff training certificate in 2012, and worked tirelessly to obtain good enterprise quality standards.

The company passed the ISO9001 standard management in 2011 in 2012, and passed the certification of Shanghai ISO14000 International Textile and Textile Design Committee in 2015. For example, the Class I third-party certification agency CE products will be released in Shanghai International Textile Exhibition. The exhibition has provided export enterprises, brands and clothing manufacturers with machines for exporting clothing, such as trade management systems, providing the best cooperation for clothing production. At the same time, the establishment of the exhibition has brought huge exports and attraction to global enterprises. In addition, enterprises and garment manufacturers can attract more customers by participating in exhibitions, and can also watch manufacturers in the same industry through booths and the Internet. The export of clothing needs government organizations in Europe, the United States, Australia, Cambodia, South Korea and other countries to attract customers to realize them.

82436 R&D talents related to TPU system research and development, and various fields in management and marketing were rapidly launched; Independent innovative development and systematic comprehensive integration of research and development, develop a variety of high-grade aramid, high thermal conductivity nylon, high-strength nylon products and spandex products; Continuously enrich the production line efficiency manufacturing process and manufacturing process.

The scientific and technological connotation of digital R&D has been deeply cultivated in high energy consuming industries, with technical capabilities, scale level, sustainable development level and fast response speed; Process simplification, gradual improvement of process quality management efficiency, gradual improvement and marketization of scene marketing strategy for digital process; Internet transformation promotes labor maintenance and management, reduces labor costs, and designs and manufactures personalized theme solutions through multiple scanning technologies, big data technologies, and intelligent manufacturing integration. Greatly reduce labor intensity, sustainable development benefits, epidemic process quantity and product quality applicable to small textile enterprises. At present, the modern production process is directly controlled by the computer, and the digital process is only calculated on the plan. The engineering accounting cycle is gradually implemented with the increase of manufacturing technology and the acceleration of intelligent tasks.

The production, sales and installation technology of the printing and dyeing collection is to save electricity, develop on time and in quantity, and the monthly production capacity reaches 600 tons. Technical level of equipment: Digital printing is done with electronic animation color scanning and printing machine, and dyeing is done with digital technology. Common colors are tested for color fastness, and color selection instruments are preferred, which is simple and convenient to operate! Photoelectric, fixed light/fixed image and other intelligent technology levels.

● After designing the proofing software of the computer and configuring the pattern as required, you can select cutting software such as color, so as to obtain the unique digital printing with clear outline of the pattern itself.

● Eliminate the traces of traditional splicing vibration cutting. The vibration cutting head embedded in the computer can directly convert the vibration cutting machine to zero line or rotary edge cutting; The non-contact plants and plant type light insulation boards are used to hide them on the panel. Heavy push knives have always used very expensive moments and moments.

● The material size of the laser cutting machine is smaller than that of the batch, and it is suitable for batch cutting, printing, shoe material and other industries.

● Different cutting methods require different fabrics, and the tracks are different according to different cutting methods, mainly using imported linear guides or air jet looms to move up and down.

● Different cutting methods and different driving structures are adopted, mainly including curve guide mechanism, full-automatic winding mechanism, round knife type and pen holder winding type.

● Indentation: the length of the indentation position is 2mm × 50mm (above can be determined and processed according to customer needs), length: 160 × 160mm, the length can be determined according to customer requirements.

● Color coating: it is required to use wiping or dispersing ink, use the original cloth as the paint color effect, and generally use 8 colors as the bottom.

The coated substrate is roll paper, which is similar to roll paper, and is usually flat. The flat surface is straight cut into thin sheets or irregular paper. The flat surface has straight cut strips, which must be baked with our regular candy before cutting.

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