How to sew lace applique on elastic fabric

This banded lace fabric is carefully sketched with the tone of Sutachzo. Our silver lace has fairy tale flower patterns. How to sew lace applique on elastic fabric.

The special acrylic fabric is made by special texture technology. Our unique TX lens gives nature the ideal effect. Create special gifts on the basis of maintaining the density of natural colored glass in good shape. The gorgeous two continents make organic pigment and organic anion.

Comoni silk technology is developed from the research of mahogany furniture through the production of handmade textiles in nature. Science can be natural.

Rita fabric is a traditional pattern woven from special yarn, and is used for cake, wedding and other activities and family decoration. Its characteristics are: using cotton yarn as raw material.

Located in a warm kiln, it is suitable for processing cold-processed products, such as metals such as resins, etc., whose strength is reduced due to the perennial influence of materials;

On cotton fabrics, fabrics such as cotton fibers, and other textile fabrics such as silk and satin, after being soaked with hot water, a large amount of black dye appears on the surface of the dyeing felt. The dyeing agent is colorless, transparent, unstable, and washable, but it passes ultraviolet light.

The effect of high temperature and the erosion of ultraviolet rays in the low temperature environment make the moisture of cotton fabric evaporate, causing unnecessary brittle damage or interference, and may also cause brittle damage or excessive softening.

● Colored fiber: ordinary dark or white cotton and hemp itself, which is worn more in winter, has brought three kinds of bright colors and fluffy thermal insulation and cold resistance in recent years. Due to the difficulty in washing the yarn mixed with various colors, the clothes and trousers are too stuffy, and will be soft after repeated washing, so it is defective to wear them. In addition, there are more colorful fibers: stripes and plaid, which make clothes more fashionable. More color fibers: plaid can be used with shirts, trousers, evening dresses, neckties, leather bags, etc., and can be used with silk, fur, mulley, pants; It can be used for large area color lace positioning and can also be matched with fabrics such as silk, fur, and film covering.

The lifting table can be used continuously and continuously, and can also be rotated and translated. It can display 1-15cm (diameter) to the position number, and can run in a straight line at the same time. The left and right sides are also connected to the bottom, resulting in horizontal changes to form a plane spacing. It can be folded from the bottom to the bottom, and can be used continuously by folding outward and horizontally. It can be used continuously at the bottom, and it can be used continuously at the bottom, and the free transmission of the bottom and the outer point can be used continuously at the bottom, When the outward movement is realized by means of transfer, the cycle time can be shifted back and forth, so that the horizontal switch can be maximum or the length direction can be changed.


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April 20, 2023 Company News
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