Where can I buy lace trim online

Dyes made of blue cornflower juice and lace made of catkins. Where can I buy lace online.

Embroider white lace, use regular embroidery thread, mix lace embroidery and embroidery. You can also send it to the bride according to the embroidery requirements.

The embroidery and embroidery of these lace can be used to add personalized embroidery thread and add a distinctive overall feeling. The more embroidery, the more layered the thread.

Embroidery is the general name of various decorative patterns embroidered on fabrics by needle and thread. There are mainly clothes, hats, belts, accessories and toys. Embroidery is divided into manual embroidery and machine embroidery. Manual embroidery requires needlework.

Sizing: Because the embroidery thread is woven up and down, the sizing of grey cloth will immediately penetrate into the fabric, and it is easy to produce stains on the sizing plate after washing. Generally, cotton thread.

Furniture: refers to hanging furniture and its bedding, including water heater, wallpaper, suitcase, vanity mirror, wallpaper, etc.


Crafts: refer to calendar, music, paper-cut, toys, cloth toys, gift crafts, painting, decoration, music production, letter lighting, music halogen porcelain, electronic goods, kitchen utensils, and others.

Digital printing processing digital transfer printing non-woven fabric wide width digital printing clothing thermal transfer printing children’s clothing printing swimsuit printing beach pants printing thermal transfer printing method chip digital printing positioning digital printing cloth digital printing ready-to-wear digital printing application industry classification clothing fabric digital printing suitcase fabric digital printing home textile fabric digital printing toy fabric digital printing polyester fabric digital printing outdoor supplies fabric digital printing.

According to the grain, it can be divided into plain, twill and satin; The coarse grain pattern is divided into gabardine, different grain cloth, fine grain cloth, flannel and various coarse grain cloth and thick cloth.

Every fabric, every texture and every process grain are the most important part of making fabric.

Silk scarves, embroidered badges and special headdresses belong to the souvenirs made by the cloth Ming Dynasty. The ornaments include real silk, silk, yarn, terry, embroidery, yarn, glue bone line, composite fabric film covering and shoulder pad. The price is quite favorable.


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Digital printing machine is a new type of printing equipment, which is characterized by high printing accuracy, noiseless and intelligent. Digital printing is bright in color, beautiful and generous, and suitable for small batch production.

In fact, most of the digital printers on the market have a resolution of 1440dpi. In fact, it is difficult to distinguish many home textile shop fabrics, but the accuracy is different. Manual typesetting can produce the original within a few meters.

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