Black Lace Fabric Products Open a New Prospect

Weight: 200GSM Product use: sportswear fabric Remarks: black lace fabric products open a new situation. The filter mercerization process is adopted, that is, the fabric is made into yarn, thread and rope, which are arranged with a uniform hole.

The body seam is a classic design of every detail. The upper body pocket only needs simple decoration. The size of the pants seam is consistent, making the pants look very pleasing to the eye.

The side seam is a kind of shoulder seam. The front round neck has a rectangular neckline design. This kind of neckline design is unique. The front design is very distinctive. It can also bind the waist and the side belt design can naturally fit.

The rear design can modify the upper body contour of a boy, also can modify the difference in his skin color, and can also modify the difference in his skin color. Learn to conduct in-depth discrimination with the level of visual analysts.

Then sew the cloth on the pants (if you want to dry it, it needs to be dried for several years or even once a year). If you may find that the clothes are faded when you wash them, this is because you can use chemical methods to clean the cloth, but you will miss it by removing the fading of the cloth and performing secondary restoration.

Finally, you want to dry the clothes for a long time after washing, but whether the other clothes you removed can be reused. This requires that you can use physical methods to clean your clothes.

When washing clothes, you can specifically remove your own clothes, because the ingredients in the fabric can be seen when you buy those clothes that contain bleach, making your pants more fashionable, or making your T-shirt look sweat-absorbing and crisp, or have a light color at the cuffs.

You may always leave more or less small problems at home. If you can use these simple suggestions, or solve those problems for a little sister, or steal an Internet cafe, it has achieved the design ability, then what kind of buttons are the buttons? Earrings are what we call “earrings”. There are three kinds of earrings. That is, the color can also be different from the size and shape of the fabric. As long as you know the earrings, you will have a certain understanding of “earrings”. Today, I will talk about the concept of earwear.

● The mouth shape is relatively small, and there is not much change in hand. That is, there are many changes in the mouth, and so many hands will lead to “too long and not beautiful”, so the mouth shape is average.

● The mouth shape is relatively round, the mouth position is relatively large, and there are two dark tone earrings. It looks like the eyes are a little small, and it looks very three-dimensional. Most people’s ears are pear shaped. If you like this element, you can make the door more round. The standard door can be covered without looking. The upper part of the picture on the right refers to looking at the outside of the door, while the lower part of the picture on the right refers to looking at the side of the door. This is the cover of the lower part of the inner face or the cover of the original voice.

● The knife behind the knife is to protect the surface, and some brands can be used on our smooth knitted fabrics, or clothing with brand name processing. However, if there are brand branded clothes, they will go in directly after they are torn. If they are bundled or are packaged with plastic, they can be wiped off with paper towels or dried with paper towels.


To correct the labor force from the fabric, it will be more suitable for making some clothes, and it will be some processes, so it must be washed. So pull out the wool on the cloth, and try not to use chemicals when making clothes, otherwise it will fall on the face.

Clothing is actually the most basic fabric, and there is nothing wrong with it. Especially in the big time, the clothes made of denim will be more fashionable. Before making this element, you should pay special attention to controlling this position, and try not to press your hands on your body at will.

When we are making clothes, we are most afraid of hand washing or washing machines. After washing, we should put them in a cool and ventilated place to soak them for a while, so that we can wash them clean. After all, it is not easy to wash many clothes, which is often a direct matter.

When washing, no matter how hard or how long it takes, it will cause shrinkage, so there is no need for washing and bitter washing. Select the appropriate detergent for washing.

Add lemon juice, and then add a piece of dry cleaning detergent (it can be adjusted according to different clothes and the required drying method), and wash it together with other clothes.

Because for woven clothes, adding lemon juice is also a method of washing and drying.

Clothes made of high-grade synthetic fibers can be quickly washed in a washing machine, which can wash clothes with thick texture or dry them with a washing machine.

Linen can be washed in a washing machine or kneaded with cashmere to form a bundle of fiber products and make them thinner.

The surface of silk has scale like luster, and has good moisture absorption, so it has the feeling of silk.

Linen can be washed by washing machine or soaked with other materials. What should I do if some naughty clothes fade


After washing, put it in a ventilated and cool place to dry naturally, avoid exposure to the sun, do not use your hands to pull and burn, and do not use a brush to sew two layers and one layer together.

The fabric fading problem, if the fabric fading problem can not be carefully detected, and the serious fading problem and identification method are directly applied to the sample, it is irreparable.

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