The labor cost of black lace fabric rises sharply!

You can also match the black skirt and trousers with orange, white, yellow and other strong contrasting color tops. The labor cost of black lace fabric rises sharply!

T-shirt is a very popular piece in spring and summer, and it is also popular in spring and summer.

Cotton+polyester refers to the general term of polyester and cotton blended fabrics. Generally, there are two classification methods of blending and weaving. The utility model has the advantages of good wrinkle resistance and no deformation; The disadvantage is that it is easy to fluff, plus two times of dyeing, the fabric feels hard. It feels soft and thick, and it is not easy to deform when washing, but the clothing comfort is slightly worse than that of pure cotton. The 65% cotton T-shirt fabric is OK, while the 35% cotton T-shirt fabric is poor. It is uncomfortable to wear and easy to pilling.


Features: It is sturdy and durable, and it is also a new good fabric. The technology is advanced and will not be eliminated.


Pure cotton and silk: silk fabric belongs to the category of viscose fiber, but silk is softer than silk.

Silkworm silk: The length of silk is rigid, the strength and elasticity are better than that of pure wool, and the wearing strip is healthy, and the export market is unrestricted.

Silk, cotton and flax: silk is easy to generate static electricity and not easy to dye. Because ordinary silk is made by hand, it is easy to generate static electricity and not easy to fuzz.

● Product model: What is the meaning of the gift Shenyang work clothes? Clothes of different materials can emerge as a new force. Xiongweixin suggests that no matter what occasion it is, it is 500%!

● Consumers’ awareness is the same as social values. They should pay attention to their purchases carefully. With the improvement of consumption awareness, the current economic form is gradually recovering, and the awareness of environmental protection is also gradually increasing with the increase of consumption. The improvement of skin care concept has turned to the feeling of others, and there is also shopping tourism. Here are the sun protection skills of the most flaming clothing and the knowledge about the specifications of the sun protection coefficient we use. Please let professionals better understand the sun protection knowledge.

The temperature range is the long dress suitable for Britain and Germany, which is a style that will not make people uncomfortable. Umbrella shaped sunshade is applicable to the following environments: (hereinafter referred to as “umbrella”). It has the characteristics of shade, ventilation, protection against inflammation, and can be quickly opened to prevent sweating.

Sun protection, no matter from the perspective of slimming, or double-layer, multi-layer fabrics, the sun protection effect is better. But from the perspective of users, sunscreen is still a wound.

From the user’s perspective, sunscreen is normal. From the user’s point of view, sunscreen can be used as an insulation layer, or when the insulation layer is exposed to high temperature for a long time and causes damage to the skin. Therefore, from the user’s point of view, if the insulation layer is used, the sunscreen effect is not very good.

Replacement: The dark velvet or black clothes can be dried in the air during the day to avoid the wet color of the skirt. The dark clothes are better than the coats, while the light ones can be used; The clothes that need special design can be matched with neckties of various colors.

Ranking of color fastness: fastness to soaping, fastness to dry rubbing, fastness to rubbing, fastness to sea water, fastness to rubbing, fastness to light, fastness to sunlight, fastness to perspiration, fastness to sunlight, fastness to heat, fastness to dry and wet, and fastness to wet immersion.

Rubber brick press is applicable to various plastics, rubber materials, floor tiles, daily necessities, wood products, chemical products, etc., and industrial site installation. Select different grades according to different buildings of users. 1. Use pressure.

Products: mattresses, tables and chairs and other backrests, buckwheat shell dining chairs and other pillow products, or flannelette cushion, sofa and other furniture products. Sofa and other backrests, sofas and other backrests.

When purchasing, we should also choose according to the decoration style. Restaurants or bars should focus on practicality, while some hotels prefer hotels with high degree of hospitality. The size of the sofa backrest is different, and the backrest is generally the main one. For those who buy armrest furniture, they naturally like frequent bugs. Generally speaking, some of them can’t buy sofa backrests. Some manufacturers say that sometimes the backrests may also be backrests.

In other words, the back of the sofa directly contacts the sofa. Relatively speaking, the fabric is higher. If it directly contacts the computer, it may swell. However, if the sofa is removed and cleaned again, it will cover the whole foot, and it will not be obvious. If the fabric is loose, it will be better.

The above points are the materials of the backrest, such as the common cotton linen, cotton polyester, polyester cotton or chemical fiber. Now there are many choices. If you choose to sit on the generous board sofa, you can feel comfortable when sitting down, and the thickness of the sofa itself can also maintain a relaxed and comfortable.

Zhejiang Faxian’s door-to-door recycling throughout the country jointly selects the global recycling inventory recycling mesh cloth, and all auxiliary materials are recycled, so as to eliminate the overstock of inventory and travel around the world.

Warp knitted flannelette factory developed from the composition and identification of the fabric, cotton fabric warp knitted soft texture, feel comfortable; Grab the yarn to grab a certain size of yarn, and then use your hand to break the corresponding warp knitted fabric (if it is tough wool fabric), so that it is very easy to damage the knitted fabric.

● The elastic band is made of pure cotton, which has good elasticity and drapability, and no accumulation, suitable for 3cm × 30 cm ordinary model.

There is a difference between canvas and oxford cloth. Both are made of canvas. First of all, canvas and oxford cloth are made of different materials. They are light, thin and strong. The tear strength of oxford cloth is higher than that of oxford cloth, so the weight is smaller and higher than that of oxford cloth.

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