Top 10 Manufacturers of Polyester Black Lace Fabric

The unique ivory fabric is created by Italy’s leading textile manufacturer. This fabric is made of silk and hemp. Top 10 manufacturers of polyester black lace fabrics. This hemp fiber makes full use of the pure natural textiles produced by rural women in various countries, and places the high quality of “pure natural fiber” in the personal field.

Organic fiber series products are widely used in high-end clothing, high-end carpets, sleeping bags, seat covers, bed sheets, quilt covers, mattresses, composite fabrics, knitted fabrics, non-woven fabrics and other fields. Because of its good dyeing performance, it has no limit on color.

Because its health care to human body requires very strict color fastness. Color fastness is an important quality standard for painting color system performance. Its testing method not only processes textile cloth and polyurethane materials into materials that are easy to print, but also can effectively film the inherent elements (such as dyes or coatings) of their coloring through the computer, and obtain the special effect of dye diffusion deformation modification on the germ cloth.

Pigment printing is a continuous process. White or light color cloth is crazy without color difference. After printing, additional correction should be avoided. The overall appearance of white and light color cloth is shown. Color or light color cloth grain can highlight the bleached light sense. Its defect is significant, so it is called an environmental protection problem.

Pigment printing: discharge printing can be used, which is an environmentally friendly pigment printing. As discharge printing is adopted, it can be used for fluorescent printing, bleaching and fluorescent printing. The color of fluorescent printing is light and thick, which is suitable for some light colors.

The printed pattern usually depends on the material of the fabric, including silk, corduroy, gold velvet, etc; Common fabrics include: grid printing, downwind velvet, small terry, zipper head, etc; The pattern is sprayed and printed on one side or part of the fabric, and then the pattern is formed by high-temperature hot press transfer printing. Common fabrics are: polyester printing, polyester cotton printing, etc.

Printing process includes: coating digital printing, active digital printing, acid digital printing, coating digital printing, composite digital printing, etc.

● Printing speed: 5~60m2/h, generally 30~35 times; The printing cycle is from 45 to 60 days.

The printing position is usually controlled by the operation and control panel. The printing area is 45~55m2, which is usually changed according to the width and shape provided by the customer (the width is different. At present, the widest area is the area where the line is equivalent to 12~15m2, and the wider area will be wider).

Silk screen printing: At first, use scissors to scrape off the cloth, or scrape and print the customer’s own white print somewhere around the printing blank. However, scratching on dark and light colored fabrics will make the blank white printing lose vitality.

Stamping: The stamping process is to use more than 190 types of screen printing plates to make plates. The printing quality is 50-150cm, and the printing quality is simple;

Gold: The hot stamping process can firmly resist static electricity. In addition to the above situations, active printing and dyeing can also be used, with clear and bright patterns.

Hemp: It is composed of embryo cloth, pretreatment, dyeing and pigment, and is spliced, with bright and elegant cloth surface.

Film forming: Active printing and dyeing can also be used. The trademark and hot stamping pictures on the cloth are clear, bright and colorful, and the pattern levels are clear, just like blooming flowers.


● Bedding and bedding are made of cotton yarn. Because the cotton fiber is thin, it feels soft. Compared with linen, the fabric has good air permeability.

● Pillow case is also called: thickened. The size of the pillow case is about 12, the width is 40 cm, and the length is 180, the back width is 248.

● Size of pillow case 5 × 6. Length: 25, backrest width: 9 × 8, height 10 × 12。

lace trim

● The pillow case is made of pure cotton, with good moisture absorption, strong air permeability, comfortable fit, long service life, washability and durability. Cotton bedding is a common bedding product on the market, and the price is relatively expensive.

● It should be cleaned well and not dried by hand. It will have a strong smell. There is more or less oxidation after a long time.

● Pure cotton. If it is really dirty, we must pay attention to it when cleaning, so that we can clean it.

Know that the style you like is beautiful. You can wash it first. Generally, the water temperature can reach about 30 degrees. If you like, you can add one to it. Pay attention to the thickness of socks, not too thick or too thick, you can also rub them with your hands.

The main material of knitted fabric is a kind of artificial fiber, that is, the thread is cellulose. Because of the large number and density of this fiber, it will grow very tight.

There are also knitted fabrics. Woven fabric, also known as woven fabric, is a fabric formed by vertically interweaving warp and weft. Its basic weave includes plain weave, twill weave and satin weave. Different woven fabrics are also composed of these three basic weaves and their various weaves. Woven fabrics mainly include chiffon, oxford cloth, denim, twill cloth, etc. Chiffon fabric is light, soft and high grade. Many customers require us to be 1/1 twill rapier woven fabric, and woven fabric is 2/2 twill or 6/1 twill × Twill, x3 twill, woven from warp and weft. According to the different changes in longitude and latitude, it can be divided into warp, weft and both sides of weft.

● 2 Twill: warp and warp are bent into inclined plane shape, and some have inclined plane shape, which is different from warp and weft. 2/3 and.

Ingredient description: The warp and warp directions are bent into an inclined plane shape, with some vertical and horizontal, concave and convex changes.

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