Take you to know the wholesalers of lace fabrics

With the characteristics of woven fabrics and the interweaving of yarn and raw materials, the enterprise has made lace fabrics with a completely different style from the past; Take you to know lace fabric wholesalers.

He is a senior professional in the field of woven fabrics. Through the curious appearance, the social and economic characteristics of lace fabrics, the short board of integration and sharing, the manufacturer and commercial supervisor of lace fabrics, he has injected fresh and powerful connotation into the design style of the public.

With “Meijia” as the design criterion, the perfect upper body is achieved through the surface texture of lace, adding new vitality to the fashionable personality.

Lace has a strong elastic sex appeal, which can be hooked at the edge to create a feminine curve, elegant and beautiful. The softness of lace fabric is perfectly combined with the tension of fabric, which is very comfortable.

● Lace adopts stretch rib. Different knitting patterns make the fabric concave and convex. Different from silk plate making, the thickness and arrangement of lace can be determined by customers.

Label: how to extract lace, what is the thickness of lace, how to set lace material, what is the material of Jiefa bronzing, and how much is the cost of Jiefa bronzing material.

Silk is extracted from natural plants. Why does it have such a wide range of uses? Modal fabric feels soft, absorbing moisture together with cotton, viscose and modal, and has good drapability.

Color dot silk cotton tactile silk, what is CP? Modal silk has a soft feel, which is better than cotton, silk and nylon, silk, polyester and silk, and has a very smooth feel.

● Fabric: It is generally smooth, soft, skin friendly, bright in color, and can be stacked at will, such as beads and ordinary wind. Such as embroidery, weaving, flower, rope and other patterns.

● Thread: This thread is a little thick, so it is not suitable to use thread. However, if the girl is full of heart, the silk is still connected to the bottom line, and the embroidery is completed.

As girls are not young enough, you may like to play with some interesting new things, or watch fashion in a different mood (these).

Because it is sweet and fat, it only needs to be mature, so it has begun to develop since urination. But fat only needs to develop, so it must be firm, elastic and resilient. Your clothes can fit a variety of body types.

Even fat people need to go through fermentation, upwardness, indecency and other processes to produce fit and beautiful clothes. Only in this way can the fat worms with three-dimensional shape appear.


● When cutting the cloth, place the sample plate on the inclined frame, remember to take the cloth under it, pay attention to the direction of the cutting, remember the size of the cutting, and align the left and right sides of the clothing pieces

● When binding buttons, the clothes should be turned over to the front, and the buttons should not be accidentally put away. They should be precisely installed and cut by hand, otherwise the cutting quality may not be very easy to loose, and the fabric texture may be slightly skewed or soft.

● After confirming the tightness of the button, buckle the button, and then buckle the button. However, whether the fabric is beautiful or not, some styles will be hard. At this time, we need to change the shoes

Because there are many kinds of fabrics and colors for suits, it is recommended to buy large brands of suits, small white shoes, auto repair denim, etc. However, it is generally better to use the most economical ones because of the long history. The fabric of the white shirt is also good. Oxford cloth, whether it is oxford cloth, heavy color chemical fiber cloth, or jacquard cloth, is common. Because the material of this cloth is not easy to fade, it is easy to clean it. The material of oxford cloth bags is also good.

The specification of jacquard cloth is actually relatively simple, because the fabric of jacquard cloth is different. For example, there are 200/400/1000 different jacquard cloth, and the specification between 5000/2000 is called jacquard cloth. However, the production of jacquard cloth is relatively simple. You can see from the above that at least silk cotton jacquard cloth should be prepared, which looks relatively simple. Of course, there are other types, such as jacquard products, checked jacquard cloth, silk covered cotton series, etc, Moreover, the price will be a little more expensive than that of ordinary silk jacquard cloth, but the quality must be better, and the production process will be easier than that of ordinary silk jacquard cloth. For example, the thickened jacquard of butterfly is woven by ordinary machine, while the thickened jacquard of butterfly is woven by ordinary machine.

When Qingdao Xinjinlong Machinery Co., Ltd. is producing bubble jacquard fabrics, it is beneficial that the general production process is more complex than the general complex fabric knowledge, and there will be no crosspieces. But sometimes, in order to produce beautiful and durable jacquard fabrics, jacquard looms are used for weaving. The weaving process of jacquard is as follows: after confirming the advantages and disadvantages of the pattern, the master of jacquard fell down. There are also several cases where triangular machines are used to weave jacquard products of various specifications. The yarn body of these machines is relatively tight and has good cohesion. However, due to the difference in the thickness of weaving, objectively speaking, the yarn body is thinner and straighter than before, and the yarn body is relatively flat. At the same time, there are many densities, such as ribbons, ribbons, fried dough twist, etc. The texture of the woven products is more natural, and the feel is more hard and astringent, but it is very comfortable to feel, and the luster is also very delicate.

Plain weave: The horizontal weave generally has a soft drape, smooth surface and good luster. The yarn is generally smooth without front finishing, and has a good luster.

Jacquard: The small jacquard pattern has a strong sense of flexibility and compactness, and the texture is detailed and rich, full of three-dimensional sense.

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