How to seize the first opportunity to sell white lace fabric

What is woolen fabric? The use of woolen fabrics In short, both are wool. How can white lace fabric take the lead in the explosion? Although some features are small, there are many strong ones.

The advantages and characteristics of woolen fabric are relatively simple and innovative. It is a new product of traditional worsted fabric, with an obvious process technology system, and finally mutual strength.

Pure spinning yarn is a kind of yarn formed by twisting cotton fiber and chemical fiber filament, which has the characteristics of pure spinning yarn and blended yarn, and has high strength. The fabrics include a variety of high-grade fabrics, such as drawwork, sliver, burnt out flowers, inverted flowers, rotor spinning, compact spinning, siro spinning, etc. It has the basic textile characteristics of soft texture, flat cloth surface, comfortable feel, and superior ecological health care function, and is used to produce high-grade clothing fabrics.

The difference between Jinda’s 100% combed cotton yarn and Xiaobabao refers to 20S (C30) combed cotton yarn. No import is allowed in the early stage of investment and plant construction. At present, Shangtian people only have 30S cotton yarn.

The idea of this question is particularly wonderful: a worsted cotton viscose blended yarn. It is a fully automatic combed cotton yarn newly imported from Nylon 6 or 8. 2 Some basic cotton yarns have cotton cloth and embroidery thread. If the warp and weft density of the fabric and the specific organization or parameters need to match the applied yarn tightness, the yarn strength cannot be very high. 3 A group of automatic raw woven fabrics and silk screen, and flying fish can also weave fabrics of various fabrics. 4 The jacquard height of the cylinder is 93m, generally 120m. 5 Automatic raw looms and ultrasonic tipping machines, with 368 labels. 6 After confirming that there is no problem with grey fabric sizing tension, input the program, restart on the edge, and fill the edge on the edge. 6 Confirm that the number of warp and weft yarns is 514m.

● Dye test (150 ° C) (3~8 ° C) (130 ° C) (95%~100%) (including 50% perspiration).

Under normal circumstances, the price of natural color cotton spandex and black viscose blended viscose blended tencel viscose blended yarn is higher than the above price, and the recommended price is the reference price

lace trim

● Average life of the product: (1) Wire diameter: 200 breadth: 150 Effective use: This product is suitable for dipped and rolled fabrics, improving the washing fastness and abrasion resistance of the fabric. (2) Packaging and identification: not suitable for users with product requirements.

● The quality control of combed pure cotton yarn requires sufficient conditions. To achieve the best anti white light, the yarn quality must be durable.

The company has adopted the domestic advanced combed new technology, and has provided excellent yarn, wool yarn, knitted fabric, cotton yarn, shoes and hats, hat making, gloves, sewing thread, steel wire needle thread, polyester cotton thread, high-grade buttons and other yarns.

The excellent evenness of combed sliver reduces the generation of neps, reduces the friction between fibers, improves the friction between fibers, avoids the easy breakage of chemical fibers due to neps, reduces the anti slip property of yarn, and leads to durability breakage.

● Better spinning method: A Take out a wool from the cotton sliver and fold it, then cross wind it on the silk through a single fiber to form a single yarn. B Tie the anti pilling yarn on the screw rod with knot. YY (10) gauze.

AB yarn is composed of numerous small grids, also known as AB yarn. The large grid consists of more solid grommet lines and high-strength flexible yarns. Common customization processes are.

● tencel: viscose fiber, acetate fiber, cuprammonia fiber. Note: This tencel has three kinds of raw materials.


● Polyethylene Modal: cotton, viscose fiber, polyester Modal, copper ammonia fiber, Modal/acetate fiber, etc.

Zhejiang Yinyu is located in Jinhua National Economic and Technological Development Zone, covering an area of 128 mu, with 5.21 million square meters of production plants, office buildings and auxiliary buildings. At present, its registered capital is 92 million yuan. The purpose of the company is to “build the world’s first manufacturer of adhesive linings”. Since its establishment, Zhejiang Yinyu has been focusing on the R&D, production and sales of differential fine denier polyester yarn and high-end woven adhesive lining substrate. The purpose of the company is to “build the world’s first manufacturer of adhesive linings”. Since its establishment, Zhejiang Yinyu has been focusing on the R&D, production and sales of differential fine denier polyester yarn and high-end woven adhesive lining substrate. The purpose is: “We are always committed to meeting the requirements of research and development of high increment fine denier polyester yarn and high-end woven adhesive lining base cloth, adhere to technological innovation, product stability in line with market demand, and diversification of energy conservation and consumption reduction; achieve sophisticated upgrading of equipment, energy conservation, pollution reduction, and environmental protection; change the maintenance and resources to win, and constantly increase costs and win.

With technical innovation and improvement of process technology, traditional silk lining, new woven lining, new knitting lining, new direct spraying lining, new flat knitting machine lining, new warp roll up lining, new plain fabric lining, new weft knitting lining, new type of warp roll roller, new weft knitting lining, new type of warp roll up and down, new type of plain fabric lining, new type of weft knitted fabric, new type of jacquard weave, Production of small plain woven suspenders and suspenders, small plain woven lining, model shake pull, used for all kinds of leather checkered clothes; T/C cloth, TR cloth, TC cloth, yarn dyed cloth, wide cloth, printed cloth, pure cotton TC cloth, polyester cotton TC cloth, denim, canvas, etc.

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