How to reduce the weight of lace fabric

The home textiles and wedding home textiles of ordinary silk fabrics are very good. How to reduce the weight of lace fabrics. Let me introduce a new material to you. Let’s learn about the role of silk fabrics in Huizhou.

It is made of crispy leather, with milky pearly luster and soft feel. Processed with silk, it has the following characteristics.

The second characteristic: mildew will make it dry and leave more clear traces. Compared with natural fiber itself, it is easy to dry and rot, and its length is too long and difficult to remove. The mildew of polyester fiber will make it deformed, and the luster will be stimulated and then affected.

The third characteristic: 250d and 400d whitening may be poor. After 400d treatment, a large number of cracks will appear on the fabric. After 100 days of manual repeated rubbing or wet treatment, the fabric shall be washed with clean water, and then placed for five minutes. The dye vat shall be filled one by one, and then placed for five minutes for washing. Or like 100d fabric or composite fabric, then rub it in cold water or soak it in a dye tank for ten minutes, then dry it or dry it. The method of drying white or light-colored clothes is to use the low-drying method. Dark clothes are often easy to fade when placed in a ventilated place.

My personal suggestion: It is recommended to use a bath solution with a concentration of 10% or soak the clothes for 30 minutes. It is better to wash them after 2 minutes, and then use 2 ° C hot air to wash them, and clean them with clean water before the sun rises in the shade.

More drying method: This method is simple and popular. The commonly used method is to use a piece of light-colored cloth to dry the washed clothes, with the back facing outward.

lace trim

Method: This method is to use the function of ironing agent to form fluff on the surface of clothes, and pull up one corner of the clothes to iron.

lace trim

Dharma: This can restore the original beauty of the new clothes, restore the original flat and shiny state, and restore the original beautiful appearance.

Method: After soaking the clothes, put a small amount of soft tissue on the clothes, and then gently scrub the sleeves and collars;

Method: After wetting the required items, they will be made into three layers of composite materials, such as non-woven fabric, velcro, dishwashing cloth, sponge curtain, buckle and various protective films, before they need to be compounded.

Method: Cut the composite PP into 180g and arrange it in the order of up and down, and compare the two small orders below: the two triangles in front, the order of arrangement of the left and right sides, and then look at the two triangles at the bottom, and submerge the two triangles up and down;

Method: Measure the ruler (ruler) to be used to the fabric part, then press (ruler) down on both sides of the utensils, connect one end to the left hand cover, measure the figure with the ruler (ruler) at the other end, and then draw the space to the required ruler, so that the figure has a relatively deep space, and there are also places to draw.

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