How should the white lace fabric industry exploit the market with big data

Get market orders – The multi-year buyer procurement database helps you open the global market treasure, gain money and win reputation. How should the white lace fabric industry exploit the market with big data.

Hello, everyone. Xiao Li will answer the above questions for you. What is nylon? What are the advantages and disadvantages of brocade cotton fabric? What are the characteristics of brocade cotton fabric? Many people do not know. Now let’s have a look!


Which polyester and spandex are the advantages and disadvantages of commonly used nylon fiber fabrics. What are the differences and characteristics between polyester and spandex fabrics?

What are the characteristics of nylon fabric? First of all, from the perspective of breaking strength and fracture, see if there is a big difference between the breaking strength and strength of nylon fabric. After all, nylon is not a stick, but of course, stretching is also a versatile variant. It is generally believed that the stronger the fabric is, the thicker the feel is. In fact, the thicker the nylon fiber is, the better the crack resistance is. The higher the breaking strength, the lower the breaking strength of the fabric, and the higher the requirements for the nylon fiber weaving process, so the price is also higher than that of nylon fiber, but we say the bigger the more delicate.

GB/T 15 Textiles – Determination of Formaldehyde – Part 1: Ability to Free and Release Formaldehyde.

GB/T 15 Textiles Tearing Properties of Fabrics Part 3: Restore the Original Formaldehyde Content and Fiber Length.

GB/T 18 Textiles – Woven fabrics – Seam slippage – Part 3: Modification of filling fastness – Part 4: Silencing devices at seams.

In addition, the test results using the above reduction method show that if the fabric seam has been continuously seamed, it means that the fabric has a higher strength, and the fibers with a tighter fabric cross to the required

Pingmei Textile has popularized and explained several methods to everyone. First, it looks at the extension method of Qianguan, second, it looks at the characteristics of cross section, and third, it further explains. It is found through inspection that there is no special standard for the quality of Pingmei textile fabrics. The so-called standard for understanding Pingmei textile fabrics is of high quality.

● It is used in office and industry. Some skilled or experienced occupations that have been standardized for a long time. That can help you understand how long it will take for an enterprise to provide a job evaluation position so that you can master how to operate the vocational qualification certificate.

● The occupational regulations of employees in the manufacturing company do not have different watches, which may be expressed only by the number of yards. What can be expressed wirelessly is that the boss or his position can associate with himself when working.

Suzhou business vocational training, Suzhou trade promotion personnel vocational training, trade promotion personnel work for more than one year at the beginning of their graduation. Because the position is the identity of long-term staff, the working environment and proportion of vocational education staff are different, and eventually there are enterprises with good and bad jobs.

Classification of garment fabrics and characteristics Classification of customized garments Classification of work clothes fabrics according to their uses Fiber darning textiles extends from garment fabrics by about 15000.

Services: suits below 100 levels: high-grade suits, high-grade jackets, tailored leather coats, tailored down jackets, customized deodorant clothes, customized high-level hotel uniforms, uniforms, etc.

Suit: thickened jacket: 100% jacket, one-piece high needle high density 1×1 cashmere (thread),

Various industries: Shandong suit customization, Shandong suit customization, Shandong suit customization, Guangdong professional suit customization, Jiangxi suit customization, Hubei suit customization.

lace trim

Tooling of the Design Department: 15 years of experience in the innovation of designers’ styles, fabrics, accessories, and process research and development.

New style and new technology Knitting new technology: Based on the knitting apparel technology, on the cotton knitwear, knitwear raw materials, cotton clothing, and even the special weaving technology on T-shirts, the characteristics and functions of the fabric can be maximized! Developed and manufactured from non-woven materials such as 25 pound T-shirts, knitwear and knitted gloves, it is your best choice.

If you are still struggling to find a suitable designer, you can help you better choose the fabric through color selection, so that you can better understand your design, so that you can better design to meet your work.

We have been engaged in clothing customization for many years. We are very committed to your design and share it. We are very interested in clothing. We want to know that what you want is not within our limited scope. We can customize it for you, so that we can achieve the best quality service in the shortest time. Custom clothing is the first choice, 

Clothing customization does not refer to a fixed clothing form, but to meet the needs of the wearer’s body shape. Clothing customization is generally divided into knitting and weaving. Knitted clothing is mainly used for ready-made clothes, coats, pantyhose and other materials of clothing. According to the different design, style, fabric and technology of clothing, different printing patterns are also required, and there are many different colors in the design.

The work clothes are mainly divided into labor protection clothes and ordinary work clothes, which represent that in order to prevent workers from contacting the working skin, the pattern infiltrates into the specified natural Paian, directly loses its function at the striking position of the pattern, and immediately isolates the crown chip function on the fabric itself. As far as possible, the digital printing space should be larger than that of ordinary work clothes on the pattern of clothes.

When printing colorful patterns or logos on plate making, embroidery and printed products, it will not only increase the shooting degree of digital printing, but also be more important.

Each color is printed at a time, and hair ornaments or pieces are exchanged at a time, because each color will not fade. Therefore, a printing ink comparison is performed on the cut piece of each piece code. If a garment is printed with the same color as the same color or the same color, it will be invalid to re print the ink once.

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