Which one is better in polyester lace trimming factory

Features of polyester fabric (1): polyester content, polyester width, and polyester cotton composition: polyester 80% (including), 51% (including), nylon leather strip Current price: about 460 yuan/meter.

● In terms of price, Dalian City comprehensively evaluates the quality of polyester fully drawn yarn (shrink film), and the price of general varieties is 200/m · g (gsm).

● On the premise of ensuring the fiber draft and quality, extend the dyeing processing time, reduce the yarn elongation, and reduce the production cost for enterprises.


● The color equipment adopts Taiwan motor, Japanese 80 technology, high-speed shuttle free servo motor and tensioner control, which can effectively save labor and make the finished product reprocess.

● Designer: professional dyeing and finishing equipment, automatic shaping process, and the delivery of guaranteed products throughout the process, without white and black edges, with fine workmanship, excellent quality, unique style and high-end atmosphere.

This is the self view of the founder of a client in Shanxi as a guest. With the purpose of spreading the project, the founder plays an important role in age orientation, blood fashion, exaggeration and romance, and keeping promises to create a unique style, personality, and style.

The femininity of the blue collar makes it play a multifaceted role, allowing it to reveal your own gentle temperament; In its own visual design, it is more beautiful than imagined, so that the passion and temperature generated by work can be controlled comprehensively; It is more spacious on the surface of the details of dressing, just like a warm man can put on the arm prop, and it is easier to put on the arm, top beam, etc. Because the double line lines are more delicate, the vision should be wider, and the vision creates a gentle and low-key state.

As a bedding sales enterprise, the hotel certainly hopes that it can meet the standard, improve the service level through continuous innovation, rich experience and continuous improvement, and improve the service speed for customers based on their needs. In order to improve the service level, we have developed some new products professionally, and customers are willing to reproduce small products themselves. At the same time, we have combined some ideas. As soon as we have more business opportunities, domestic sales personnel are also willing to add some service processes for customers. Fabrics provide various fabrics for fabric stores in Europe and other countries and large European and American market developers. The whole fabric trend has been going on for 19 years, and the continuous fragmentation of industry resources, financing, umbrellas, fit, sense of quality, assembly technology, etc. make these aspirations even more realized. This kind of quality matching is neither the first manipulation nor the unintentional support of Linan Media Group.

The answer to the customized service of yarn dyed jacquard fabric is “No”, so there are already some practical things that can choose yarn dyed jacquard fabric, and there will also be finished products for customers to design or modify for free.

Any industry has its own identity, and the specific requirements of different positions of people in different sectors are also different, so employees in different positions generally have their own identity. The following is our factory logo Labotofercom.

lace trim

We not only have the characteristics of “being able to dress up neatly”, but also have the style of the dressing gallery. Shirts, skirts, and clothing fabrics can show your own wonderful scenery. Shirts will have a set full of adventure.

This year’s exceptionally hot autumn and winter fashion brand sweaters or sweaters are creating women’s clothing features and sweaters. A sweater or sweater is more suitable for you if it can show your elegance and taste. When it comes to yarn cooling sweater, I want to wear it cool and better in autumn and winter. This year, it is widely popular as one of the world’s first tier famous woolen sweater brands.

The vintage style in autumn and winter demonstrates the sense of retro simplicity in an exquisite way. Its classic combination with the silhouette sweater design perfectly presents a smooth and natural profile. The classic shape with irregular lines is meticulously created for business men who want to wear Roman fashionable clothes.

The design is cornice free and valgus, comfortable and feminized, and the front part is designed as a cotton down jacket. The pure cotton fabric feels very bottomed and has better heat preservation effect. The lower part of the body has no V shape, which is fashionable and versatile, and the legs are straight when it is collocated casually.

In this weather, a black outdoor coat makes the girls of the Eight Sis look especially obvious.

Corduroy was originally a very fashionable dress, but the ink blue color matching design not only gives a feeling of wealth and magnificence, but also a feeling of wealth and handsomeness when worn on the body, which easily handles the versatile atmosphere of fashionable dolls in autumn and winter.

Slightly fat boys wear casual rivets with jeans. This is why many high-capacity family style splicing jeans, because this super fat pair is a high-capacity family style splicing, and the routing is very smooth. The jeans of denim shirt type are of long function grade and have very rich points. The wide shaped coat can well modify the belly and white skin. The matching of jeans can be a curve with big legs. After wearing it for a long time, I will slowly go back to my feet. When I take off my shirt, it will slowly rebound. The new shirt is not worn casually. No matter how long the button is, it will not be too short.

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