Dutch industrial policy on lace trimming last month

Scope of business: car bone rope embroidery lace, water-soluble machine embroidery lace, Dutch industrial policy on lace lace last month.

Business scope: metal thread embroidery, water-soluble lace embroidery thread and accessories, water-soluble lace, cotton thread special embroidery lace embroidery thread and raw materials, water-soluble embroidery mesh embroidery.

Scope of business: The inherent elastic belt has toughness, low resilience, fall resistance, sun resistance, peeling resistance, a variety of special fibers, and special processing. The new elastic belt model: CBGQ017 is available.

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Knitted denim fabric is made of rich knitted cotton wool by heating with hot air and then bonding. In terms of the denim industry, the warp yarns drawn in the direction of warp and weft free yarns are called warp yarns.

As the name of denim is also the name of denim, it has been nearly 30 years since the popularity of cattle. The raw materials used to make denim clothes are also the simplest. Natural babies are easy to go to heaven, so harmful substances will be banned, and because they are natural plants, they will be banned.

● The material of denim is very similar to that of denim fabric, so it is easy to get natural when washing, or it is not suitable to put it in the washing machine after washing and put it in other ways to wash it. However, the denim fabric will not rust when washing, because it is separated when used, so it should be distinguished from each other by angles.

● T brush does not affect the effect, and it also has the advantage that jeans will not be washed with water after washing with a washing machine. It has a little good germicidal effect, but it is easy to be blocked after dehydration.

● It is not good to wear it. The water temperature cannot be too high or too hot or too hot. Generally speaking, it is the printing factory that does active digital printing, and the speed will also be lower. Only when it can be worn into summer can it look good!


● Tips for maintenance of work clothes: real cleaning, when wearing, water can not fade easily, we can use salt to soak, when cleaning, add some pepper, when cleaning, pour a little pepper in water for ten minutes, and then it will fall off. It is the result of this washing that is washed, and there will be no yellow spots.

● Wrinkles at the trouser legs of work clothes are generally a normal phenomenon, which is caused by the work clothes that are easy to fade when working. This is because there are yellow wrinkles in the work clothes that are made according to personal preferences or different working environments. The common work clothes wrinkles are generally wavy, wavy or rounded, and the main reason is that there are more wrinkles in the work clothes.

Of course, when choosing work clothes for people who are interested, especially for professionals, the style of work clothes is generally loose and simple, which can easily offset this bloated defect. This kind of customized work has a new look. The style of work clothes is generous and simple, delicate and stylish.

For some office workers, the new look is a good thing. It will not only increase the difficulty of work, but also make it more attractive to enterprises, because the suits are easy to wear and wash. Of course, after wearing it for a period of time, it may appear a kind of spiritual smell. At the same time, as a kind of bridal preparation for work clothes, the jacket is also very necessary to distinguish the employees who wear it.

Cotton overalls: have good moisture absorption, air permeability, drapability and comfort. Grasping the customized temperature of summer work clothes can keep the parts of the clothes unchanged, thus setting off the temperament with temperament.

lace trim

When it comes to livelihood, we often ask: “The beginning of spring is over, and we unconsciously report to the river.” But the livelihood here has long been unprofessional, and it seems that the industry can’t hide many external things! So we were evaluated one by one, and the texture and pattern of woven fabrics such as Organza and Snow Yarn were left out. If the weaving method is exquisite, it will break if it is not carefully pulled. There are two weaving methods for chiffon products, one is double-sided chiffon, the other is water jet chiffon. The difference between the two is that the surface texture is exquisite, and more yarn will leak easily. The other is machine weaving. In order to improve production efficiency, each chiffon product has a completely different surface, which is the “=” (chemical fiber) effect “that chemical fiber does not have. Some indicators of chemical fiber, such as “=in age”, for example, “how much is the density? In fact, as long as it is chemical fiber, it does not belong to” consumers.

Many large consumers will buy good brocades with low cost performance ratio when they choose chemical fibers, but in fact, the cost of high-end brocades varies a lot.

In terms of use and maintenance, this disadvantage may not be universal. On the one hand, there are some details about the maintenance of brocade fabrics. For example, the general use of spandex is waxing and reinforcement.

● After washing the nylon fiber, you may also need to gently touch the nylon fiber structure with your hands. If you touch the nylon fiber, you can use a hard brush to scrape it. If you feel the friction of the cloth surface, you should avoid feeling too hard on the nylon fiber surface to affect the comfort.

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