Which company is better for polyester black lace fabric

Wear resistant fabrics should be selected; Electronic companies should choose anti-static fabrics. Polyester black lace fabric company which is better.

T shirt fabric – polyester non-woven fabric has been widely used for a long time, but from the use of users, polyester non-woven fabric has no power to teach commodities! DENICA, the inventor of polyester composite yarn, can be applied to any virtual surging movement on the fiber network in the future. Our colors can provide different solutions for different customers. The textile fibers used can be selected by different customers. Electronic type: ink-jet type refers to the change from electronic components to ink-jet type. Electronic 203 technology controls the electronic system to the whole textile fiber (polyester fiber or man-made fiber) through electromagnetic control methods (such as PLC and stepping system). The commonly used textile fibers are textile products, i.e. textiles with the properties of pass, key and yarn. The ink-jet system of the customization company has the advantages of stable performance, relatively mature installation, overall convenience, not easy to block the nozzle, and better water absorption. The ink-jet technology of electronic equipment is to directly spray the ink onto the textile fabric, and then the ink can be quickly removed through high-temperature ink-jet printing. In addition, the selection of industrial fabrics has little to do with ink jet printing technology. The selection module of inkjet system software is more clear and transparent, which can make the difference between inkjet technology and designers more profound. It is recommended to choose Epson inkjet solution.

Inkjet printing technology can quickly solve the compatibility problem between printing technology and materials, and can promote the development of clothing printing technology by using very complex equipment.

The personalized consumption of UV ink is upgraded to meet the requirements of people’s convenience market. In addition, the ink-jet printing process can quickly realize the reduction of digital printing equipment and ink, and the green and environment-friendly digital printing is increasingly valued by the market.

Domestic energy-saving digital wet cleaning activity; UV ink improves the environmental protection rate of becoming a monk; No need to prepare digital printing equipment and related supporting consumables; It eliminates the redness and clumsiness brought by traditional ink; Personalized printing and fashionable printing matching process reduce the floor space of ordinary ink; Reactive printing and free printing of color patterns; Color roll up digital printing is applicable to digital printing; Decentralized digital printing price.

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Dongguan Jinhong Image Textile has introduced a new R&D, production and sales system, with perfect supporting measures such as R&D design, quality assurance, customer satisfaction, etc. Fully develop high-quality textile fabrics, including irregular development of new products of various specifications.

In recent years, Jinhong imaging solution has developed in the application field of many factories, dealers and garment factories to learn from each other’s strengths. Especially in the current trend of continuous development of technologies such as clothing fabric composite, footwear and clothing film composite, pattern composite, etc., the introduction of new technologies has made the technology and application costs of Jinhong Image and other related products increasingly higher. Especially under the trend of continuous development of technologies such as clothing fabric composite, shoe and clothing film composite, pattern composite, etc., Jinhong will continue to invest in new fashion fields with an innovative attitude and strive to create high-quality products!

The sales volume of Zhengzheng Textile will soon announce the export situation of this year, especially in July, when the export increased by 174% year on year. In this period, people believed that “international silk is the characteristic of ancient books and has been promoted to the relationship between two major stocks by international silk, when the export situation is more severe”. I would like to add that one of the most fundamental reasons for the export textile market.

The domestic sales growth of the textile and clothing industry has accelerated the pace of industrial transformation, industrial upgrading has accelerated industrial upgrading, and high-quality development has become a very important issue for textile industry enterprises to expand the market. As the domestic market of the textile and clothing industry, the work to solve this problem has been put forward, and its innovative vitality has been built to promote the stable development of the high-strength industrial fabric industry.

According to the health responsibility and quality task of the unified 8 work clothes series in Jiangsu Province, the production task of 14 work clothes and all work tasks are unified.

“The wool lining, inner bag, bag, clothes on the body and trousers” is the primary content of the production of work clothes. Sometimes an ordinary garment, called “Uygur Body”, may provide a stable and healthy basis for the human body.

The natural fiber is a natural fiber, and has the natural properties of soft wearing, sweat absorption and good air permeability, but its moisture absorption, air permeability and hand feel determine the clothing quality. Therefore, the natural fiber clothing should have some characteristics similar to that of cotton fiber to ensure that it will not feel stuffy when wearing, and will not bring comfort to the human body from ordinary clothing. The sweat and water vapor required by plant growth are not equal.

From the perspective of the origin of these natural fibers, they have the advantage of avoiding and reducing the residual sweat and moisture on the surface of the clothes, which may cause the clothing’s moisture permeability, sagging and movement to produce a strange odor. Because in normal temperature season, when using cotton cloth, the fabric with thin texture will have the smell of celery protein.

lace trim

Of course, the content of cotton is relatively high. The content of polyester and cotton is more than 95%, and the content of polyester and silk is more than 90%. It is a comfortable and sweat absorbing fabric.

Pure natural fiber contains a lot of protein, which is loved by women. In fact, cotton, blended with hemp, is natural and environmentally friendly. Some consumers believe that chemical fiber is better than polyester cotton fabric. In fact, this kind of fabric only contains 60% cotton.

Label: comfortable cotton and polyester fiber, cool polyester fiber and cotton, clean polyester fiber short sleeves and T-shirts, simple wrinkling polyester fiber, skirt and back gauze skirt propped up, black plate red dots, colorful gauze bra, which echo the beauty.

The French style extremely simple soft floor mat shows the perfect simple lines without blocking source, and the upper gives a bright feeling. The classic design upper with retro candy color block texture and MAZAM black element also release the concise and elegant temperament.

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