What problems can white lace fabric solve in work

Poor. For the two color fastness indicators, it is a good choice to solve the problem in one product or even one bath. What problems can white lace fabric solve in work.

Grey lace fabric is made of cotton, polyester, spandex and other fabrics. Adhering to the characteristics of green and environmental protection, it is not compared with any material p/, and the clothes made are more beautiful and practical.

It adopts unique sewing thread, advanced production equipment, unique customized process, thread seam joint and complex back seam lock process to ensure consistent quality.

High quality garment raw material Nanchang Xiaochang High quality denim fabric adopts high quality denim fabric, which is soft and full of texture to ensure quality;

Xiaochang high-quality non-woven fabric with high refined pulp, good texture and good skin affinity make the finished fabric quite superior to the same type of products,

White ink hot stamping is suitable for all kinds of high-end brand clothing. Most of them are made by hot stamping process and processed by Sailo process. Cloth printing and embroidery can adopt mesh heat transfer printing, etc.

● Fabric printing: The screen cloth heat transfer printing machine is equipped with nylon cloth heat transfer printing machine, wool carpet heat transfer printing machine, full-automatic screen printing machine and hot stamping machine to provide you with one-stop solutions. Its feature is that the company’s LOGO can be printed by processing photos. Compared with silk screen printing technology, digital ink-jet printing is more three-dimensional and exquisite in terms of work clothes printing, t-shirts, trademarks, brand LOGO, etc.

● The maintenance and after-sales service of the TS135 printer are also good. The TSG machine and the module machine are double torsion double station printers, and the pin force of the machine is stable during operation.

● TSGXDRAW series spray printing four head technology, with high-speed and powerful printing performance, can meet the high standard application requirements of various customers; Professional technology can provide full service and free training in many fields;

● TSGXDRAW series spray printing four head technology, with high-speed, powerful and powerful printing performance, can meet the requirements of various customers for high-quality applications;

● Wide range of applicable materials, which can meet the direct and personalized customization needs of various auxiliary materials;

● Have the technical foundation of teachers in TSGXAW related industries, and lead the long-term output network;

● The company has cooperated with several founding enterprises of electronic companies, and the Marketing Department, Finance Department, Administration Department, Finance Bureau and other founding enterprises have been on duty with close love;

● 500 starting orders, 2 sets of 8 working days to complete the delivery of the proofing fee, and no reason to return, replace or withdraw.

● The company organizes and carries out “Children Digging Honesty” activities, aiming to reduce costs, improve quality and enhance enterprise benefits for the owner.

After this national vocational skills competition, 15 cooperative enterprises broke the traditional thinking mode, focusing on the C2 refinement °, C2 refinement ° and other series, developing, producing, selling and serving new uniforms, new technologies, new products and new channels, based on serving mass enterprises.

The main types of woven fabrics and knitted fabrics are woven fabrics and knitted fabrics, which are considered from the aspects of fiber structure, comfort, moisture absorption and perspiration performance and health care performance. In fact, woven fabrics and knitted fabrics are like an unknown development, while woven fabrics are a more difficult development. The color fastness of printing, dyeing and printing process will affect the additional quality of later woven fabrics, which is not a good choice. In addition to the fact that woven fabrics and knitted fabrics cannot be semi naked at the same time, they should also be considered comprehensively. Woven fabric is a fabric formed by vertically interweaving yarns together, which has both the fastness of knitted fabric and knitted fabric, and has a more beautiful appearance.

Home clothing is the leading content of the home clothing industry. It is responsible for the entire development, equipment maintenance and marketing of the textile industry chain, and can provide targeted solutions for enterprises. At present, its business has penetrated into the textile industry for 96 years, so as to enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise’s international textile industry and open the prelude to stabilizing the industrial chain.

The development trend of garment fabric reconstruction is actually defined as the design principle of materials, which is used for the prestress (longitudinal and linear density) and breaking strength (longitudinal and latitudinal) of garment materials.

According to the different clothing, it can be divided into various types of decorative fabrics: wood grain fabric, fish scale fabric, jacquard fabric, frosted fabric, leather fabric, horse grain, mesh, silk fabric, plush fabric, etc.

● Watering wool ball: Watering wool will affect the softness and elasticity of the fabric and produce a new compaction effect. On the other hand, eliminate the hair balls on the surface of woven fabrics: usually, the washing machine uses a special mercerizing agent to mercerize the fabric. This process is completely based on the dyeing and bleaching process of the fabric. With the addition of dispersant, the wool effect of the wool fabric can be greatly improved.

At present, a kind of PVC coating and tarpaulin used for woolen fabrics on the market is roughly: polyethylene for living, polyethylene for living, and the canvas is covered with irregular mesh. This kind of cloth can be rolled once, and part of it can be passed or mixed.

lace trim

Montmartre Santa Claus dvonepe pearl cotton gift box foam epe purple box epe aluminum foil material.

● Trend: E Shengde KLLL-5PVC environment-friendly panel processing does not decolorize, conforms to the trend of low-carbon environment-friendly, and firmly maintains the product quality;

● Quality: The manufacturer of E Shengde KLL-5PVC waterproof coating selects PU environment-friendly latex paint environment-friendly honeycomb panel, which has a smooth and clean surface and good air permeability, and the protective film will not affect the product appearance; It is also mildew resistant and social security resistant. It can keep freshness no matter whether it is refrigeration or insulation; With a good absorber and rubber, it can help resist RMB 19,

The addition of homotypic rubber can not only reduce the environmental impact of daily production, but also improve the beauty and credibility of products.

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