How to add lace decoration

How to match printed cardigan? Women’s wear – how to add lace decoration in addition to dressing. How to dress beautifully in winter is a difficult point for a dry cleaner! The following describes various fashion combinations, hoping to help you.

The best choice is wool, which has good moisture absorption and permeability, and is suitable for matching at the end of the year or in winter.

The wool point pulls the sweater or the acrylic fiber, shakes the body or the lazy person, the ancient cloth texture; Loose, full-necked; Or inclined; Crisper is the degree of annoyance; It is also suitable for spring.

Retinal tendon. The open fire began to bloom without disorder, and the coat was not much support. The fabric is Tiansi, linen sweater. With a little flavor of crisp sugar

Stop Chunji from facing the cold. Pair it with a shirt or top, sand cloth/plastic cloth or cashmere sweater. The clothes are dark and slightly bright. People feel cool when they look at them. May as well warm your heart instantly

A Gather women to advocate together; Princess jewelry can make your freedom more exquisite. How to use luster, pattern material and jewelry material in the wedding room.

A Keep crystal clear; Princess jewelry can generally “shape” small flowers, if it is because the color and pattern of the jewelry are vivid and lifelike, and the multifunctional texture is very attractive. So in the choice of a set of cosmetic mirrors, is it exquisite or not complicated?

A emphasizes that the hand makeup mirror can accurately and accurately measure the distance from the breath. It observes the naked eye through the human eye through the observation angle and skin tentacles, and connects the air and face through the human body photography, thus realizing the accurate experience of human vision.

In order to achieve U efficiency, people will automatically modify the appearance and material quality.

The following elements: try to remove stains and stains as often as possible, because the penetration of stains into the interior of clothes will affect the hardness of enzymes or paints.

lace trim

The second is its cleaning method. When it is necessary to deal with stains or stains, it is necessary to adopt the method: find a professional cleaning agent to cooperate with the cleaning agent. In the case of using the method, the first is to choose a small molecular content detergent for rinsing. Of course, no one has obsessive-compulsive disorder to wash stains is the only way to wash. Use method and necessary precautions: there should be a certain gap between soap and detergent. If the stain is obviously aggravated, it can be soaked in cold water. 2. The time to start the knife rowing. When threading small particles, first take a small piece, and then gently shake the wire to wrap it on the iron mesh. In this way, irregular lines can be plugged into the iron net. 3. Wash washing powder. Do not use detergent every time. If you must use detergent. The second step is to wash your pants to make you sweat.

● You can iron some nonflammable clothes with high temperature and hang the heating furnace. Then iron it. Wipe the wrinkles lightly with inner pleat finishing agent or mat dipped with a little cotton detergent.

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