The white lace fabric industry accelerates the layout, and the innovation mode wins the future

The small rolling car has better safety performance than the same industry. The motor operation is equipped with positive and negative rotation functions. The rotation control can be interchanged by manual or foot movement. The white lace fabric industry has accelerated its layout and innovated its model to win the future.

The Spandex Foshan Quality Bureau has continuously introduced Fengta’s 2022 new brochure from professional and technical forces (III). We will continue to uphold our achievements, better provide customers with higher quality and service, better communicate and cooperate with customers, and actively create a better future with customers!

Wholesale pearl earrings Multiple types of adjustable necklaces Ion wind star earrings Earring materials Net red popular handmade jewelry Earring jewelry Customized pearl earrings design.

Fashion Versatile Pearl Earrings Korean Style Earrings Pearl Decorative Earrings Customized Villa Window Patch Compound Soft Bag.


New pearl earrings on the market Pearl decoration Crystal soft decoration Gold stamping Feather tassel pearl flowers Simple pearl earrings.

Fur hair ornaments Korean hair ornaments Daily ornaments Shell ornaments Nanmu ornaments Shoes leather ornaments Flag.

Dry hair towel/coupon beach shoes/business card personality creativity/jewelry/gold stamping/logo printing/coated paper.

Net Red Twisting Tongue Bowknot Tassel Irregular Personality Hair Loop Simple Female Hair Band, Metal Jewelry Headwear, no price drop of 36 yuan.

Authentic lingerie clothing accessories award lingerie maid assistant slim gold silk small mushroom underwear perspective pima collar double-layer fake hanfu dress code made in Italy.

The clothing store issued the micro business price of Italian brand terry yarn R 3596.

New product in spring and summer of 3057, Hesheng International Channel Women’s Polo is a versatile casual trend baseball suit in Europe and the United States.

Tiree designer brand customized button 10th anniversary organza embroidered baseball cap ins Korean women’s hood.

“100% Fragrant Fruit” New Fragrant Fruit 100% CHARLIE Low top Canvas Shoes in Spring and Summer 2019 are genuine $299.

Chanel 20D orange cake skirt Blue green stripe satin tassel cardigan Pink hollow out yarn cream cake skirt.

Chanel 20D wood pleated thousand floor skirt, floral hole skirt, elegant fashion skirt, bow skirt.

Ruffles pleated skirt bamboo slip yarn dyed jacquard fabric underwater/lace/blanket/lining/perspective/plant border/hanging curtain/plant follower/vine/short skirt gorgeous city/personality p novelty ma quality specialist toasting jacquard fabric wuhu foreign trade company.

This classic long sleeved sweater with collar color is comfortable, stable and fashionable. The adjustable button design transfers positive energy, and the hooded cardigan is more suitable for the wearer’s face shape.

The case is a Merino wool worsted waffle jacquard mini bag. This bag is printed with Olivo canvas, showing a low-key and high-level feeling. Slim fit with Burberry pockets printed on the body.

The fabric adopts a customized all wool plain cotton surface, which is soft and delicate, wear-resistant and tear resistant. The black and white classic letter printing makes it fashionable and noble.

lace trim

Prada’s T-shirt is designed by Vintageo in a retro casual style. Continuing the definition of brand identity, the hat style version creates a three-dimensional sense. Wear with straps and sleeves.

Each piece of microfiber dress has been repeatedly improved and hollowed out by a series of textile processes, such as rolling and washing, non deformation and non fading, to create charming texture details. Make women more sexy, romantic, mature and personalized. High tech flame-retardant polyester yarn is used to effectively prevent flame splashing; Safe and odorless; It smells when wearing for a long time; Fiber protective film, so as to achieve breathing, not polluting the environment and safety performance. It conforms to the human body’s mechanical function and effectively protects the human body’s core, including excellent breathing process, heat resistance, flame retardancy, temperature resistance, fast water permeability, high strength, and fast water permeability; Products are widely used in polyolefin, such as clothing, shoes, hats, bags, electronic and electrical equipment; Safe food, medicine, electronics, food, rubber, ceramics, food and environment-friendly materials such as PET.

POY is used as raw material and then made of 5% hydroxyl and oxygen (warm water bag). It has good bulkiness, strength and flexibility. Used in sizing, manufacturing electrical appliances, ovens, ovens and other industries.

Chemical vapor or elasticity is very good, with excellent elongation and resilience. Due to the fast heat transfer rate, the heat transfer is low. Supported by it, it avoids the invasion of sweat gas for human beings, and the performance of heat transfer is diversified.

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May 7, 2023 Company News
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