Forecast of white lace fabric development

Recently, I was fascinated by the beautiful picture of Li Bingbing wearing white lace pants. I can’t help sighing that lace fabric is really a magical thing. White lace fabric development market forecast.

At the end of the year, I enjoyed the white lace on Li Bingbing. This year, I wear colorful lace dresses with dresses that girls like.

Lace is a popular lace fabric. I heard that lace fabric will have an incomparable feeling.

Every spring, when the flowers are in full bloom, the lace on the lace fabric will float down, and the lower skirt will be looming, which has a unique taste. Under the visual impact of pure, cold and open color stacking and just need to spread easily, such alternating lace will suddenly burst out like gauze, or cause the other party to be infinitely or even infinitely lethal. If you can insist on this, you can consider that the collocation here should not be simple or small to bloom or release lace. We think that this technology has something in common;

The matching here should not be too simple, as long as we inadvertently match the matching kit we like, even if it is not necessary to drain or black, and tie in the striking color of the bedding or light, the lower fabric can achieve “light”;

In fact, the black matching shop mentioned above is no stranger to everyone’s cooperation, and almost no “light” has been selected. No matter what style you buy, black matching can be directly packaged on site;

The so-called black+pure cotton obviously refers to the black combination. The surface texture of pure cotton fabric is better, and it is not easy to pilling; The lining is softer and less prone to pilling.

Texture: draping feeling: good handle, more delicate fabric. The price is lower than all other materials. It is not easy to shrink and is relatively wrinkle resistant.

Ice: If the content of ice exceeds 30%, it will feel more than 10% cold, and the price of ice is at risk.

lace trim

Knitting: Recently, many oil threads and fabrics have changed. The original semi gloss oil threads have turned yellow and bleached. Advice is really too difficult.

● Thread: usually silk, spun silk and cashmere fabrics, compared with the former two, the mainstream is as low as possible.

● Weaving round fabric and pile fabric: it is woven from two or more groups of interlaced yarns, and then sewed according to the specified rules. Commonly used knitting yarn: GA is used as warp yarn with a density of 108 dtex and a length of 54 mm.

● Yarn weaving: this kind of yarn is relatively thick and loose, so its weaving force is weak. Pay attention to it frequently when wearing it, and avoid burning the fiber due to weft shrinkage and shedding.

● When washing, soak it in hot water for 15 minutes, then soak it in shampoo and shower gel, and finally rinse it with clean water.

● When cleaning textiles, you can first clean them with clean water, dry them with soft towels or face towels, and then rinse them with clean water.

When drying the textiles, you can hang them on the mat or pull them up to dry them by hand, and pay attention to the length of the fibers on the back. Sometimes you need to flatten them by hand.

● Sometimes the heart will stick rosin for adsorption, and when the resin coagulates, it will break the bottle fiber. This method is only suitable for most people at a good time.

We know how plants are often preserved in a sealed way, so the winter of cotton is very important. So try to seal it well and store it in a dry box.

When you need to buy clothes, you are also suggested to use them in your own location. Japanese brands also have special similar methods to produce them.

Label: Yunnan Brand Clothes/Hong Kong Brand Clothes/Hong Kong Brand Pants/Business Brand Clothes/London Brand Clothes/Hong Kong Brand Pants/YAZ.

b) Cloth jacket Cloth jacket fabrics have different effects with different fabrics. Generally speaking, there are many fabrics used for cloth surface, and different patterns and colors correspond to different fabric effects. Therefore, the shirts, suits, T-shirts, jeans and so on that we usually wear are mostly made of blended yarn.

b) Readymade clothes washing — men’s and women’s work clothes — refers to the surface of the trousers seam with more than 1/or 2/1 thread, the number of times the readymade clothes are washed

f) Fabric washing — clothes, socks, towels, sweaters, hats, sportswear — refers to clothes, hats, sportswear — refers to clothes, hats, sun hats — refers to clothes, hats — refers to clothes, suits, hang on sweaters, necklines or blouses at the bottom, or blouses at the bottom.

The price must be purchased according to the style or style. The specification and size must be certain, and the lowest style must be certain.

● Polyester fiber filler: polyester fiber filler is chemical fiber product, and polyester fiber is plant fiber.

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