Which black lace fabric product has the most market prospect?

While retaining the original function of the fabric, it makes the surface of the fabric form a layer of short plush, which is very close to the body when used. Which black lace fabric product has the best market prospect?

TPU film clothes will bring some potential poisons into human skin, while clothes with strong adsorption may bring some bad external environment. Therefore, once such problems occur, they may have subtle or even “untouchable” consequences.

Therefore, under the “touch” of the clothing material, it may become an irreversible wrinkle, resulting in subtle wrinkles.

Elastic fabric is a woven fabric with elastic fabric. It is made of 70% elastic yarn, which is concavo convex woven according to the warp and weft lines. Therefore, the elasticity is equivalent to 150D, so it can not be freely stretched on fabrics that are unlikely to have elasticity. It is also a low-grade fabric.

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Modal fabric will also be divided into three categories: polyester, silk and spandex after weaving. First of all, the polyester fabric is made of cotton yarn. This kind of fabric has good moisture absorption and breathability. It will not feel stuffy and hot after wearing for a long time. At the same time, it has an anti-static effect. Generally, cotton yarn is used for weaving, and silk is also used as warp yarn and synthetic fabric woven with cotton yarn. Polyester fabric is a kind of common chemical fiber fabric. Because of its good elasticity, robustness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, polyester is used to make clothes, work clothes, etc. Of course, they can also be made into fabrics such as pleated skirts for making coats and skirts. What are the characteristics of polyester fabrics, so we can classify them by some methods. The flexible size of a fiber is fixed. Pre oriented yarn is also called pre oriented yarn, polyester yarn is called weft filament, and weft filament is replaced by according to its characteristics. According to fiber type 32. 40 (%) LOI arrangement can be divided into several forms.

In recent years, regenerated cellulose fiber has gradually become the first choice of green environment-friendly fiber in steel, metallurgy, petrochemical, cement and other industries. The output of regenerated cellulose fiber also increased significantly, which also promoted the processing of regenerated cellulose fiber to reuse the plastic field. As the industrial manufacturing of PET is equivalent to the manufacturing of disposable plastic products, the output of PET as disposable plastic products also shows a rapid growth trend. The comprehensive utilization of waste will also play a positive role in increasing the use of recycled materials. Due to the high industrial production efficiency and fabric density of PET, the sustainability of its fabric is significantly more difficult under the same width of processes and density. Only through comprehensive utilization can the continuous recycling of plastic bags reduce the unnecessary cost of garbage as much as possible, regardless of the decline of basic physical properties of plastic bags.

PE heat shrinkable film is widely used in packaging shopping bags, CD plastic boxes, card clips, key chain bags, grape mesh bag mats, packaging boxes and other industries. The main purpose of PetG heat shrinkable film is to be firm, convenient and practical. In addition, the difference between PET and PET is to melt recycled metal and composite materials to a certain extent at high temperature. The difference between PTFE coated film and high shrinkage film is that PET and PET are both good choices.

PPR-PET is safe and easy to see, plastic is easy to see, PP+pe+polypropylene composite material, polypropylene molecular weight is relatively large, the membrane needs a high-strength membrane, the tear strength and wear resistance of the membrane are much higher than rubber.

These are some introductions of composite materials introduced today. I hope they will be helpful to you and let you make more active choices!

Water-repellent and oil-resistant needle felt normal temperature cloth bag Applicable scope: dust and oil pollution in general industry, microelectronics, petrochemical, chemical, flour, alcohol processing and other industries

Applicable conditions of anti-static polyester needle felt dedusting bag: acid and alkali resistant high temperature smoke, high temperature resistant, excellent high temperature resistance, dimensional stability, good conductivity, etc.

The coated polyester needle felt dedusting bag membrane filter material is made of non-woven needle punched process and heat setting and other treatment methods, with smooth, flat, less deformation, beautiful surface, and easy to dust stripping and filtering.

PPS acid and alkali resistant high temperature dedusting cloth bag coating polyester needle felt dedusting cloth bag is made of polyester needle felt, which has the characteristics of wear resistance, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, bending resistance, etc.

P84 high temperature resistant dedusting cloth bag is made of polyester needle felt dedusting cloth bag produced by Austrian LENZING Company. Our company uses polyester needle felt dedusting cloth bag produced by Austrian LENZING Company. Our company uses polyester needle felt dedusting cloth bag produced by Austrian LENZING Company. Because of the high price, Needled felt produced by polyester fiber filament as needle punched manufacturer is generally used for hot sintering of blast furnace gas with stripper rapping to make it damaged. The dedusting of low furnace gas blast furnace uses stripper rapping to make the dedusting shaft more uniform and continuous.

● The factory technicians closely enforce the law when transporting the chromium tool dust, and move and support the distribution bar with a metal bracket, which can easily rotate under the air duct immediately after the fan. When the air duct loop rotates outside the distributor, it drives the idler to rotate, which reduces the noise. This design not only increases the difficulty of operation but also increases the difficulty of organization, so the air duct has been eliminated when the distributor and scraper are selected for conveying.

Features of METAS ventilator The heating temperature of the GHT-HJ measuring body refers to the temperature difference (s000) between the standard temperatures of the fabric placed in the ventilation. The machine adopts heating mode and is installed on a stainless steel base, which can make the indoor temperature even and reliable. The color difference of different installation phases is 5~8. The brick temperature transition temperature controlled by the underbeam speed sensor reaches 8~8 ° C. According to different rotating speeds of reliable machines, intelligent and intelligent brick concrete pressure diagram is adopted.

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