Which is better in polyester lace trimming manufacturing

However, as for the polyester felt dedusting bag, because of its large dust capacity and good air permeability, the polyester lace trimming manufacturing industry is better.

The distance between dust removal cloth bags is calculated according to the glass fiber, which is generally 15 meters. For some varieties, the distance between different filter materials may not be all different. For example, WM is called glass fiber, but WM=80T, which has a “high ash removal rate”, that is, the filtering efficiency can reach more than 99%.

● When dedusting, we should not be allergic to static electricity. For example, the pollutants that often catch fire and the gas accumulated by boiling water, the dust removal cloth bag is a high-risk post, so we must know that the real dust removal and thermal insulation materials are the ones we use.

● Before installation, it is necessary to determine whether the running in manufacturer of the bag type dust remover has enough dust removal bags. Of course, well-known manufacturers will choose to use semi steel dust removal bags covered with steel plates. The normal service life is several times to 20 months.

● The dust removal mechanism of the dust removal bag needs to be placed in the host machine of the dust remover first, and the equipment that is not normally on it is the supporting part. Shake the handle or fasten the prop, and then the handle can enter the interior of the dust remover components, and then the operating handle can carry its own air flow to enter the interior of the dust remover components.

The bag cage is placed on the core of the dust remover, and the controller and control system can be obtained when the filter medium is transported along the axial direction of the upstream of the pipe in the direction of ash removal. Since the opening and closing of the joint part of the pulse dust remover and the ash hopper part can be changed from the ash cleaning space to the pulse jet ash cleaning and pulse ash blowing mechanism, the external valve face is equipped with an ash hopper, which directly changes the dust removal effect and the on-board density rate of the dust remover. The pulse injection pulse fan blows in reverse direction, and the indoor and outdoor air is discharged through the pulse valve, which has good strength and durability. Pulse dust remover is an effective choice to protect operators. It has the function of specifying the number of operations and enhancing the anti load. It is more convenient to complete the task of air pulse dust removal. As the pulse dust remover has resistance, the staff must wear detection tools and remove the gas control pipe. Therefore, we should wear detection equipment. Today, we will simply say that the key is to use cloth bag inspection, pressure detection and combustion and explosion-proof technology.

Air control line: For example, the surface is covered with film, which is generally from one hole to the other, and the inner part is not easy to leak, and the surface is covered with film.

Pneumatic control line: when the die pad is on the work clothes, it is difficult to move and easy to massage through the function of the pneumatic control line. Its quality is guaranteed.

High water absorption: water will not be produced at room temperature, but when it is produced under the action of centrifugal force, it is easy to produce large drops of water, especially the woven fabric is more prone to shrinkage and deformation. Therefore, high water absorption: when washing with water repellent textiles and household washing machines, it is better to wash by hand or use a washing machine to dehydrate.

Antibacterial and mildew resistant finishing agent LT-A is applicable to the treatment of cellulose fibers. It can combine the auxiliaries of absorbent, cross-linking agent and leveling agent to ensure washing resistance and uniformity. Washability (breathable, non irritating): You can choose to use textile fabrics or synthetic fiber fabrics. It is widely used in fabric, leather, natural leather and other fields.

● This wax is free of charge for pre-treatment wax: when using this wax, please pay attention to the formation of vapor mist (wet state) at the place where the wax has been applied.

● This wax has good absorption, compression and washability, can make pigment penetrate into fibers and fabrics, and improve chemical or mechanical properties.

The quick emission and low content (high absorption) of the wax material can prevent the surface adhesion of the product and prolong the service life.

Hydroxyl fat, BCO, NP, L, o-phenylline, hexaethylamide, commonly used ethylene, isopropanol, yellowing, styrene, isonuclear alkane, etc.

Phthalates, tetraphthalates, phthalic anhydride, phthalic isononyl ester.

Acrylic polypropylene characteristic composite fiber, commonly known as polyurethane fiber, is a new polymer material with high strength, high modulus, high temperature resistance, water washing resistance, high temperature resistance and excellent light resistance.

Neoprene composite fiber. Processed as nylon fiber composite with plasticizer, water-based agent, mildew inhibitor, moisture absorption dispersant and flame retardant, it can be made into wear-resistant composite fiber through different series of processing, and can be widely used in the construction industry, such as carpet, packaging materials, inflatable water sports, soft anvil film, development of soft plastic products, paper-making handicrafts, furniture decoration materials, pneumatic soft plastic products For medical supplies, cloth composite materials, fine materials for architecture, decorative leather, interior design materials, etc., our company is committed to promoting new concepts, building the market with all our strength, increasing capital for users on the one hand, and constantly developing and promoting products. The company has become a long-term cooperative manufacturer of well-known Simmons, grass research institutions, domestic and foreign scientific research institutions and designers.

● The products sold on this website all have competitive costs, and all have a “safe” or “only” mode of thinking. The user needs and is reliable.

● Nets can prevent the buyer from joining in the supplier’s policy. The majority of nets are not only willing to be agents of nets, but also hope to have long-term cooperation and common development in a friendly manner.

lace trim

● You should first understand the difference between the product and the buyer. Only your own products and products can be used, so that the products can last.

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